Gujarat Government reduces ‘Fuel Surcharge’ on electricity consumption for customers of state owned electricity companies

Ahmedabad, 6 may 2020

Adhering to its policy to take decisions in favour of customers, today, Gujarat Government has taken a decision to reduce the ‘Fuel Surcharge’ on electricity consumption by Rs. 0.16 paisa per unit that was being collected by the state owned electricity companies from their customers, so far. As a result this decision, more than 1.30 crore electricity customers would be collectively benefited for approximately Rs. 310-crore.

previous fuel surcharge for the period of January to March, 2020 was Rs. 2.06 per unit. It has now been reduced to Rs. 1.90 per unit for the period of April to June, 2020.

The reduction of fuel surcharge was resulted from the purchasing gas at lower rate by the government, this benefit was directly handed-over to the customers,