The entire TP scheme around Ahmedabad will be made of road cement

  • Best decision of Vijay Nehara, Chairman of Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA)

Ahmedabad, 28 February 2020

Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (Ada) has now become known in Gujarat for the construction of cement concrete roads. Sindhubhavan Road is a successful road made of cement. Many such cement roads are made. In a year, the best decision has been made to construct an estimated 50 kms of road cement in an area of ​​10 sq. Km of 3 urban development projects. The road made of cement lasts for 50 years and does not have to be reported for 50 years. If all the road in Ahmedabad is made of cement then the corruption of asphalt road will stop. People with health problems and time constraints due to bad roads can stop it. Vijay Nehara, chairman of Ada, has decided in Ahmedabad for the best and in the best interest of the people.

Sanand’s  Cement Road

Among the logistic zones created by Ada in the Kaneti-Chekhala, Nidhrad, Godavi area, TPSIMs 437, 438 and 439 that are connected to the Delhi-Mumbai Directed Four Corridors, taking into account the hydrological power of the Sanand area. It has been decided to construct concrete roads in the above mentioned TPsimo so as to create sustainable roadways in view of the vehicles. A tender will be selected for the implementation of the work of footpaths, roads and storm water by selecting a single tender in TPSKI of this area, for which a total cost of RS.289.76 crore has been planned.

RS.929 crore budget of 168 villages

AUDA’s budget of Rs.929 CR Apart from this, the new TP scheme which is being developed by AUDA will now have road, drainage, light and water lines through the same tender of the entire TP scheme.

4 bridges will be opened

In the AUDA area, the next budget will be Rs.105CR Planning to construct the bridge at a cost of A provision of Rs.5 crore has been made. As well as Rs 10 crore for the bridges of Dahegam Junction, Sanathal Junction, Shanthipura Junction and Jundal Junction. The bridges to be constructed at a cost of Rs 312.37 crore are planned to be launched before 3.31-03-2021.

Ahmedabad is going to be around 5 thousand cheap houses.

Sewage, water scheme

I have allocated Rs. 150 crore while provision for the construction of water supply project in Bhopal area at a cost of 73.53 crore. In addition, this year, an amount of Rs. 100 million has been allocated for the new work of drainage and storm water at Ranasan, Dahegam and Kunjad in AUDA area. 5.00 crore and for the new and old works, the total is Rs. 41.46 crore has been provisioned. For the construction of an auditorium at Mehmedabad, Rs. 5.00 crore has been provisioned.

Lake and Garden

There are 113 plots available for construction of garden gardens in various TPs, beginning and finalizing the Ada area. As well as 18 development centers in RH Extension of Adana and 28 in TP, a total of 46 ponds have been allocated at the initial stage for phase-wise development. 9.48 crore has been provisioned. With the proper division of Solid Waste Management in 167 Gram Panchayats and 6 Municipalities by Ada, an amount of Rs. 1 crore has been provisioned.


For a party plot at Singarawa, Rs. 25.00 lakhs for the development of sports grounds at Bopal, Manipur and Kalol in AUDA area. 10 crore provision for forestry Rs. Provision of Rs 2.00 crore, provision of Rs. 20 crore for construction of infrastructure in Sanand, Kalol, Dahegam and Mehmedabad Growth Centaur. Provision of Rs. 10.00 crore to assist for development works of 168 villages of AUDA area, for new construction at Bopal and Ghumah Ghuma. General Chat Chat Lounge 1. Crores have been provisioned.

Provision of Rs. 50 lakhs for the construction and construction of a fire station at Bopal in Ada area. 10 crore has been provisioned. The above details were given by Vijay Nehara, chairman of AUDA.