Gujarat Government’s big plan – target to get 200 crore in traffic violation cases

The Vehicles Department has prepared a plan to get such a huge amount out of the pocket of the people of Gujarat, most cases in Ahmedabad alone.

Gandhinagar – The Vehicle Department of Gujarat has prepared a big plan. In order to increase the revenue of the government, by applying new rules for traffic violation, the government wants to recover as much as 200 crore rupees from the citizens of the state in one year. Due to the aggressiveness of the opposition and widespread opposition from the people in the state, the new law has taken a break but traffic police are collecting fines.

The government decided that the helmet and PUC document were exempted till October 15, but the drivers of the helmet were also fined in the e-memo. Police on the streets do not catch the driver without a helmet, but as the CCTV camera arrives, e-memos are being sent to the driver’s house.

An official of the Department of Vehicles said that the department had collected Rs 109 crore from the drivers last year for traffic related crimes. People have lost such a huge amount in one year. Against this amount, the amount is likely to increase two to three times in the new year as per the new law. The department has given a target of Rs 200 crore to its employees.

In the four months from April to July, the traffic police have collected Rs 52.49 crore from people’s pockets. The amount of traffic fines exceeded 100 crores last year alone. In the previous year, a penalty of Rs 92 lakh was levied.

The official said that there were 47 lakh traffic related crimes in the first four months of this year but in the coming days, the number of traffic violation cases could increase record as the new rules for traffic violations will bring more revenue to the government. However, as the financial burden on the family has increased, the carriers and the middle class families have begun collecting all the documents with caution.

According to the new Motor Vehicles Act implemented in Gujarat, Ahmedabad city has the highest number of cases. Traffic criminals have paid more than a crore to the police so far. An estimated more than 50,000 crimes have been reported across the statewide traffic violations.

According to the traffic police statistics, more than a thousand cases of driving without a helmet have occurred in Ahmedabad, out of which traffic police have recovered Rs 5 lakh from the people. Driving without a helmet becomes a crime, and previously there was a fine of Rs 100 which has been increased to Rs 500 in the new law, resulting in the police getting a large amount of fine.