Maritime Heritage Complex to be Maritime Park in Lothal

Gandhinagar – State for Shipping and Chemicals and Fertilizers department has announced that a modern maritime heritage complex will be set up in Lothal, Gujarat and a maritime park will be built in Gift City, Gandhinagar.

At Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, he said that Lothal was an important port in Harappan culture. The maritime sector is not new to India. In order to put the country and the world at risk, a heritage complex will be prepared at an estimated cost of Rs 400-5500 crore in Lothal. Which will feature maritime history, relevant replicas, evidence associated with it, maritime researches and resources.

The Union Minister was addressing a conference organized at Gujarat University today on the topic “Ports and auxiliary sectors in India and the world including Gujarat: emerging opportunities and challenges”. Mandviya also announced the establishment of a maritime park at Gift City, Gujarat. He said that the shipbuilding and ship breaking industry is flourishing in Gujarat, when important ports are located in Gujarat, the establishment of such a maritime park at Gift City will promote the maritime sector.

Addressing students of Maritime Management, he said that transportation costs in India are 14 percent and in the world average 9 percent. If India wants to survive in competition, then it becomes necessary to reduce transportation costs. It costs three rupees to transport one tonne of goods to India for one kilometer, two rupees to railway transport and 90 paise to water transport. Therefore, developing and adopting a water transport system is essential if the cost of transporting goods is to be reduced. As a result there are wonderful opportunities in this field and the future is bright in the field of Maritime Management.

Referring to the prospects of full employment in the maritime sector, Mandviya said that his goal is to create 5 lakh new jobs in the shipping sector over the next five years. For this, he has drastically improved the examination conducted by the Director General of Shipping, which has improved the result of the examination and the number of seafarers has increased from 94,000 in 2014 to 2,14,000 today.

Talking about employment opportunities in the cruise tourism sector, he said that he was setting up a cruise terminal at five destinations in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam and Goa. This will create huge employment in this area too. He said that Tuticorin and Cochin are being developed as a transshipment hub.