Gujarat High Court directs state govt to treat pilgrimage spots of all religions equally

CV News/ Monday, May 06, 2019
The Gujarat High Court has ruled that the state government agency meant to look after religious spots, Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Board, should take under its fold holy pilgrimage spots of all religions. Mujahid Nafees, convenor, Minority Coordination Committee (MCC), had filed a public interest application (PIL) (201/2018) in the High Court, seeking equal treatment to all religions from the Board.
The PIL said, the country’s constitution clearly asserts that the state shall not promote any particular religion, and shall treat every religion equally. Yet, the Board is promoting religious spots of a particular religion to the exclusion of others. The High Court directed the state government to treat pilgrimage spots of all religions equally. Nafees said, the High Court order is an important step towards justice for disadvantaged sections.