Rs 5,000 crore scam of Banas Dairy, BJP leaders are against Shankar chaudhari

Gandhinagar, 31 July 2020

Banaskantha MP and Banas dairy director Parbatbhai Patel’s speech was cut off on annul general meeting on video calling to the stake holders. The voice was silent. The MP’s speech was silenced on the web so that no one could hear it. Parbhat Patel has written a letter to Shankar Chaudhary, chairman, Banas dairy, objecting to this.

After writing the letter, Parbat Patel’s censor speech is now posted on his website. But it also calculates how the dairy has given a profit of Rs 1,144 crore to the animal keepers. In which the BJP leader said that Rs 568.57 crore was deposited in the union of milk. Debentures were to be cut by Rs.142 crore. Thus, only Rs 433.43 crore is to be paid to members of milk societies. Farmers have been misled by showing large figures. The MP has written in the letter that when will that amount be paid.

Gujarat’s Banas Dairy is number one in the world.

The speech was muted when BJP leader Parbat Patel questioned the injustice done to farmers and animal keepers. Thus, only the voices of BJP leaders have been silenced and insulted. Parbat Patel spoke with on 30 July 2020 and said that the letter has been written now, the answer will come, after which you will know what to do.

Banaskantha MP Parbat Patel said in his speech that the rights of dairy were to go to every village and take a resolution. The coin was carrying the signature letter pad of the secretary’s signature. In some gatherings, the representative’s name is left blank instead of a motion. Parbat Patel in his speech employed such officers. Banas dairy officials said that if they did not do the right thing, they are threatened with removal at Lucknow and Kanpur dairies. Parbat Patel has demanded action in this regard.

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All the leaders of North Gujara meet the chief head

Banasantha’s BJP’s leader on 29 July 2020 to meet State Chief C.R. Patil, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. No one knows what is happening in the dairy. Mavji Desai, Haribhai Chaudhary, Parbat Patel, Kishaji Chauhan, Gajendra Shaksena, Kesharan Patel, Madhubhai Rana. Nobody at Banas Dairy knows what happened. But it is being speculated that may have a voice against the dictatorship of Shankar Chaudhary. Because BJP leaders have been harassed by Shankar Chaudhary in North Gujarat, and Shankar Chaudhary has caused the BJP to collapse in North Gujarat. Which is the territory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is the hometown of former national president Amit Shah and former chief minister Anandi Patel.

What is the case of BJP’s leaders clash?

The historical profit of Banasaderi is 26.66% in July 2020 i.e. Rs. 1,144 crore has been released, including Rs 1,002 crore in cash and Rs.142 crore in debentures.

Price fraud

The circulars stated that dairy has increased the price of milk per kg in 2019-20. The price was Rs 630 per kg fat. The dairy society paid consumers 610 rupees per kg of fat. That is why Rs 20 per kg was deposited in the Union. The milk price for the second time was Rs 655 per kg. The loco paid Rs 635 per kg of fat. That is why Rs.20 per kg of fetched milk was stored in the Union. The third time price increase was Rs.690 and the congregation received 660. Were given Kilo fat milk was reduced by 40 rupees. Price of 690 rupees, cut of 50 rupees.

This amount was to be paid to cattle rearers during the year. 8.28% of the amount was deposited in Banas dary. In this benefit, that amount is being paid by Shankar Chaudhary. The same money is returned from the milk of the people by cutting the money and showing more benefits to the dairy. Thus, Shankar Chaudhary’s conspiracy is revealed to show more profit.

The declared profit at 16.66 percent is Rs 1,144 crore. In which the amount deposited in the consortium of milk is 8.28% and the deducted amount of Rs. 568.50 crore is shown as profit. This deception is shown here as half the profit. This means that milk producers have given only a real profit of Rs 433.43 crore. This means that Banas Dairy shows a historical gain of 16.66 percent, but is paying only 8.38 percent profit or DVD.

People are asking Shankar Chaudhary, if you said that you are going to pay 16.66% profit, when will you pay 8.28% of our deposit?

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Shankar did another controversial work

Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. According to Anand’s policy and calculations, the price of milk is decided by dairies across Gujarat.

In which the reference fat is 5.25%. But since Shankar’s arrival in Banasderi, namely from 1 January 2016 to date, two grades of cow and buffalo have been classified, and the price of milk has been calculated based on 5% reference fat and paid to milk producers has been done. As per the policy of the previous Board of Directors, cow-buffalo milk was kept in the same grade and the price of milk was calculated and paid according to 5.25% reference fat.

Shankar cheated with data

The example of how to exploit is clearly depicted in the table below. It is clear how much fat is paid per liter of Mehsana Milk Union and Banasaderi milk and how much damage is done. See table ……. ……

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Cheating with cattle keeper from Rs 19 to Rs 29 per kilo fat

As on March 6, 2020, the prices offered by Mehsana Dairy Association include Rs 650 for good milk from 5.1 fat of buffalo milk and Rs 303.33 for good milk of 3.0 fat of cow’s milk. Now if Mehsana Dairy pays Rs 690, the cost of good cow’s milk is Rs 322. The price of second grade milk fat and Bansa dairy, buffalo has been fixed at Rs 665 and the cost of cow’s milk at Rs 302.20 and that of second class cow milk at Rs 282.20.

Thus Shankar Chaudhary pays Rs 19.03 per first grade equivalent and Rs 29.03 less in second category of cow’s milk. Yet he cheats women with crores of rupees by declaring to pay the highest price.

How many crores of profit fraud?

The cattle rearers have collected 400 crore kg of milk in the Banas dairy during the year. According to this, Banas Dairy cattle ranchers have lost Rs 732 crore due to the magic of statistics. Darienne is a kiya from the pastoral people in broad daylight. This is a loss in a year. Since Shankar Chaudhary became the chairman of the dairy in 2016, this amount can be calculated five times in 5 years.

In addition, Rs 568.57 crore is deposited in the milk society during the year. Thus the total amount of Rs. 1300.59 crores. If we examine these accounts, where did the benefit of Banas Dairy go? This has been going on for 5 years. Shankar Chaudhary should account for where the profit of Rs 5000 crores went, the Dudh Mandali mantri organization is saying.

Shankar Chaudhary has been challenged by the Joint Milk Congregation Organization of Banaskantha District Cooperative Milk Producers Association Lee to work in the interest of cattle. This organization has been formed to fight against the injustice done to milk producers of Banaskantha district. (translated from Gujarati article from this website, if any query pl, see Gujarati section)

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