Gujarat Model of Dictatorship : Police denies and detain people

Repeatedly in Ahmedabad and in the state of Gujarat, the police does not allow people to express their opinion in public by imposing Sec-144 or by not granting permission to hold rally or public meeting or demonstrations.
Today just opposite to Gujarat University campus, activists and students were detained by police when they were demonstrating against CAA, NPR and NRC peacefully. It is learnt that initially police did grant permission orally, but today it was denied. And therefore, resultant detention.
First police deny the permission, and when citizens want to enjoy the freedom written in the Constitution, they face detention, and police accuse citizens of breaking law. This is utter non-sense.
Article-19(1)(b) of the Indian Constitution states that “all citizens shall have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms”. Also Article-19(1)(a) states that “all citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression”.
By denying permission to hold peaceful demonstration without arms, and then detaining the citizens is a complete violation of these constitutional provisions.
Let me remind you that few days back, when BJP including the chief minister of Gujarat held demonstrations in favour of CAA, NRC and NPR at Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, they were not only granted police permission, but police made elaborate arrangements to allow CM and BJP leaders to address gathering and even for traffic diversion.
Not just in Ahmedabad, but at many places and many times in Gujarat state, police did not grant permission to hold demonstrations and rallies against CAA and NRC, it is learnt.
This is called dictatorship in disguise. This is not our great Hindu Sanskruti, to which we all belong.
This is what Gujarat model is, full of totalitarianism.

– Prof Hemantkumar Shah Ahemdabad, 29-12-2019.