AMC built 105 smart schools in Ahmedabad, not like Google

BJP leaders making fool in the name of education

Ahmedabad built 105 unique schools but not like Google’s Ghatlodia

Ahmedabad, 5 September 2022
Amit Shah has opened 4 primary smart schools of the government in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 4th September. Earlier, 22 such schools have been built. According to the new National Education Policy, schools with modern teaching methods are being developed. From the new National Education Policy 2020, schools have been started to impart education in modern ways.
In Gujarat, Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal has made education an important issue in the election campaign. With the arrival of Kejriwal, the Gujarat government has accelerated the pace of construction of smart schools. It has been decided to expedite the construction of 63 smart schools in two months.

In this way, Gujarat leaders Amit Shah, Bhupendra Patel, Narendra Modi have started fooling people in the name of education. Kejriwal and a Google school in Gujarat have opened the doors of education for the Gujarat government.

Making good education an issue, 63 more smart schools will be built in Ahmedabad in 2 months. In 1 year 1.5 lakh children will study in smart schools. 83 unique schools will be built in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. It was fixed 1 year ago, but it has not been done till date.
Four unique-smart schools in Ahmedabad city have been constructed by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Nagar Vikas Samiti at Ghatlodia, Thaltej, Naranpura and New Veg at a cost of Rs 9.54 crore. 3200 children from poor and middle class families will study.

Google school is better than government school 

Bani Dhawan, Delhi Head of Education, Google India, interacts directly with children at Chandlodia Primary School through Hangouts. Google Future Classroom has been launched for the first time across the country. 30 laptops, 1 touchscreen projector, wifi, earphone, webcam are available in this category. The school has its own domain An email account is opened for each student in the name of Teachers have also been trained for the use of this classroom.
Students take online exam. Online project work is done. The teacher also sends homework to the students. Students use Google applications like Google Classroom, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Forms, Sheets, Slides, Hangouts. With Google Future Classroom, students come to school even after school hours. There has been awareness among the students. The number of students has increased.
Google Future Classroom IL & A joint initiative of FS Education and Google.
District Development Officer Arun Mahesh Babu says, " Google Future Classroom is a digital learning zone for teachers, students and parents. Thereby developing the four skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity of the 21st century. Increasing use of this technology by teachers enhances student learning and provides a collaborative environment… ” Elaborating on the features of the classroom, Rakesh Patel, Principal of the school says, “Light weight laptop designed for students, which gets started in 10 seconds. The battery lasts all day. Kayan is a computer, projector, smart board, high quality audio system, internet Wi-Fi and DVD player all in one device. Our children can sit here and interact with the world.
The domain name of the school has been created as School information can be found at Not only this, the email id of every student and teacher has been created. The mail id is opened from the school domain. There are many benefits of ‘Google Future Classroom’, says District Primary Education Officer Mahesh Mehta. Students can learn faster. Unit testing is made easy with an application called Google Forms. Teachers save time and students can access information from any corner of the world. Project work, peer group learning and learning among students and developing teaching skills among teachers.


Four smart classes and one Google feature class have been set up in Anupam School of Shilaj, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Students are also made to study online in Google feature classes by typing with Google.

53 schools in ahmedabad
Earlier schools were opened in Paldi, Memnagar, Saraspur, Maninagar, Shilaj. In March 2022, Maha Poor Labdhir Desai started 12 smart schools. 34 smart schools have been planned and implemented. The construction of 53 smart schools in Ahmedabad city has been started by August 2022.

reverse flow
Admission is being taken from private schools to government schools. In Ahmedabad city, 5900 children have left private schools and enrolled in government schools. 41,000 children have moved from private schools to government schools in 8 years. But the Chief Minister is not telling the reason. The right reason is that people are not able to pay the fees of Khangi school now.
When the BJP came to power in Gujarat, the dropout rate was 37 percent.
The drop out ratio in primary education was 37 percent which has come down to less than 3 percent due to the education oriented policy of the present state government. Earlier, only 67 out of 100 children were enrolled in school i.e. 40 percent children were getting primary education which has increased to more than 95 percent today.

Initiatives like Kanya Praveshotsav have helped in Gujarat.

It has increased the school enrollment rate to 100 percent while the drop out rate has decreased by 0 percent. S Amit Shah has said, but it is not so.
Smart schools have been set up in Dhaka, Thara, Kheralu, Akhaj, Fatehpura.
In Shergarh Anupam School in Dhanera taluka of Banaskantha district bordering Gujarat’s Khewde and Rajasthan, 452 children are surrounded by nature and fully equipped with CCTV cameras. beat private school. The garden is an underground tank of water. 452 children study in class 1 to 8. There are 11 teachers. Due to Acharya Amarat Chaudhary, the school has also received Unapam Award, Cleanliness Award, Green School Award.
From the year 2016 till now, 15 children appeared in the merit list in NMS exam all over Gujarat.
data review center
Gujarat is the first such world class education review center in the country. Real time online monitoring is done. Review Center meaningfully analyzes over 500 crore data sets through big data analytics of student and school details, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

June 2022
The graph of primary education has gone up in Gujarat. In the School Entrance Festival 2022, 3 lakh 83 thousand boys and girls entered the school in two days. Girls are 1 lakh 88 thousand.
Anupam School is a matter of pride for all of us, the government says that only such schools will make India of tomorrow.
The graph of primary education has gone up in Gujarat. The drop out rate is as high as 3 percent and the school enrollment rate of children is over 95 percent. The government makes such a claim.
Play-based learning, Delightful learning classes, Educational toys, Colorful seating arrangement, Names of months on walls, Names of vehicles, animals and birds, Names of seasons, Ascending and descending numbers in maths, Beautiful drawing of tables, For games Playgrounds, Educational Kits, 3D Educational Charts, Science & Maths Lab with Working Models, Digital Planetarium, Future Classroom, False Ceiling, Multiple Play Station and Outdoor Rubber Mat, French Bench, Indoor Mat, CCTV Camera, White Board, Sports Kit Equipped with.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel himself sat on the bench along with the students in the class room and watched the academic activities of the class room.

misappropriation of money
Anupam School in Sundhia village of Vadnagar in Mehsana district was closed by the people due to the ruthless administration of Principal Rajendra Loveji Choudhary. Government grants were misused for 9 years. There was a demand for change of principal. Toilets and tanks are cleaned near the children.

50 percent schools in the state lack fire fighting equipment, CCTV cameras, locker facilities, projectors.

Weaknesses of Gujarati Education —-
The government does not fill the vacant posts of more than 20 thousand teachers in the state.
40 percent children do not go to school, Gujarat is becoming illiterate due to closure of 5 thousand schools
Although primary education is not available, the Chief Minister announced a world class university in Dholera.
It has been a hundred years since the establishment of the Ahmedabad Primary Education Committee, but the schools are in a dilapidated condition.
25% schools do not even get full primary education, 50 lakh students are burdened with fees
Prisoners sentenced to death have a low level of education.
Of the 8,000 private primary schools, 5,500 do not have playgrounds.
The National Policy on Education did not address the basic problems.
Apart from teaching, teachers do 22 things.
Kejriwal increased the education budget from 16 per cent to 26 per cent, Gujarat reduced it to 7 per cent.
In terms of money spent on education, Gujarat ranks 14th, Chhattisgarh ranks first.
Gujarat’s education has been declared third in the country but the ground reality is bad.
The owners of 21 schools who do not give the right to education are to be fined.
60% of important subjects are not taught in primary schools.
Due to lack of good education, villagers have to lock primary schools in the village.
90 percent of education was privatized to make the people of Gujarat poor.
Hindu gurukulas are allowed as schools, not madrasas.
10 percent of Muslim girl students drop out of primary education.
There is a demand for equal recognition to Madrasa education by the Gujarat Board.
Progressive privatization of primary and higher education took place over 20 years.
Bugs are forced to study in the damaged school rooms.
Modi’s central government targets Gujarat, cuts education funding
Survey, 2 lakh children of Gujarat want to become poets, writers, journalists, musicians and painters, the government is not ready.
Children in Corona want to study with school through video, but the central government does not give the speed of the net.
Maruti Suzuki, Hero Honda gave employment to 15 percent of Gujarat’s youth instead of 85 percent, what is the meaning of education?
In 6 years 33 thousand students left the school from Ahmedabad Municipal School.
After Corona, children started going to government schools because they could not pay the education fee.