Started earning wealth by imitating Gujarati comedians, YouTube

Malik is the owner of 200 crores in two and a half years thanks to YouTube videos

Ahmedabad, May 18, 2024 (Google translation from Gujarati)
By posting videos on YouTube, Armaan from Bihar became the owner of Rs 200 crores, was caught copying a Gujarati comedy video and his channel was blocked. He is inspired by Gujarati comedy. Even today, comedy videos are most watched in Gujarat. According to the population, videos related to laughter are most watched in Gujarat. Reels are being watched more. Many YouTubers of Gujarat are earning lakhs of rupees. The way to a new job has opened.

Armaan Malik earned Rs through YouTube channel. Yesterday it was announced that he has become the owner of about 200 crores. Armaan Malik, who was once a mechanic, has become the rich of YouTube in a few days. Worked as a mechanic with laborers.

After failing in acting, he created a channel. Started making entertainment videos. But after copying three videos, YouTube removed the channel. Because he copied and pasted three videos of a person from Gujarat. Malik, who earned Rs 200 crore in just two and a half years, learned from Gujarati comedians. Even today Gujarati YouTubers are famous across the country in comedy.

Youtuber Armaan Malik and his two wives Payal and Kritika are popular on social media. Two and a half years ago he had nothing. There are 10 luxurious flats here. Studio, music studio, 6 editors, 2 drivers, 4 public sector undertakings and 9 servants. He failed twice in 8th class and then ran away from home. 8 lakh followers on Tik-Tok. Earned Rs 2.5 lakh per month. It was closed by the government.

Top Gujarati YouTubers
The top 10 YouTube channels in Gujarati language are channels showing fast interest. This channel with 150 crore viewers is also a comedy channel. There are news YouTube channels but when they put Hadaro videos they get some subscribers. Channels serving laughter are earning lakhs of rupees. It is a gaming YouTube channel with the highest subscriber base of 3 crores.

Comedy is more popular on YouTube in Gujarat than news, literature, history.

Top YouTube Channels in Gujarat

10 – The Yanni – Dhyani Jani 8.63 lakh subscribers
9 – Friendsz has at least 8.83 lakh subscribers
8 – Gujjubhai Comedy 1 million subscribers
7 – Ahmedabadi Man Kushal Mistry 12.6 lakh subscribers
6 – Paagal Gujju 2 Payal Devmurari 14 lakh subscribers
5 – SB Hindustani 17 lakh subscribers
4 – Comedians Galore 2 million subscribers
3 – Dhaval Domdia 18.5 lakh subscribers
2 – One Media Vijudi 26.4 lakh subscribers
1 – Khajurbhai 27.4 lakh subscribers

Nitin Jani of Khajurbhai has 100 crore views.
Comedian Vipul has 125 crore views.
One Media Int’s Vijudi has 150 crore views.

Ahmedabadi Kushal Mistry is trailing at the bottom. 14-15 crore views.

Live Rural Life with Om and Family – 12 lakh 60 lakh views.

Joke Your Style Ours has 13 lakh 55 crore views.

Komari Factory is the oldest, running for 12 years.

Ankit Kansagra has 8 lakh subscribers and 25 crore views.

Dhyani Jani has 30 crore views.

Gujjubhai has 35 crore views.

Khajurbhai has overtaken number one Dhaval Domdia.


Gujarat has many famous YouTubers, each with their own region and audience segment. Some of the most popular are


4. Total Gaming: This anonymous gamer focuses on mobile games like Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India, has 3 crore subscribers, making him the most subscribed YouTuber from Gujarat.

Lifestyle and Travel:

5. Ruhi Mukhi showcases fashion, travel and lifestyle content with over 1.4 million subscribers.

6. Shiv Joshi Models and fashion tips for care and grooming with 1 million subscribers.


7. Gujju Ben channel posts Gujarati food and cooking videos with 2.4 million subscribers.


8. Yaani Tube channel provides educational information on history and current affairs in Gujarati with 1.8 million subscribers.

The Era of Reels
Reels are very popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Reels creators are earning money through Instagram and Facebook. Jobs are created for reel creators. Jobs can be found on job search sites like Indeed and LinkedIn.

A job

There are jobs for people who act in videos and reels, video editors, reels directors and social media managers. Reel creators get an average salary of Rs 27-28 thousand per month. It is important to have new ideas to create attractive reels on topics related to business or marketing etc. Reels have now become a work of ideas. Must have a very good understanding of social media trends. Must have video editing skills. Must have good narration and script writing skills. Must also have good communication skills.

If you have 10 thousand followers on Instagram then your account can be monetized. Sponsorship can also be taken. (Google translation from Gujarati)