iCreate fulfils  100+ start-up projects in 12 months!

iCreate is an autonomous centre, founded by the then CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. It has been set up for the sole purpose of promoting and facilitating enterprise. The way IIT is well known for engineering and IIM for Management, iCreate aspires to be a force to reckon with for entrepreneurship. iCreate is much more than an incubator or an institution. In fact, it is a perfect blend of both. It is most probably the only place in the world that is dedicated only to encourage entrepreneurship. At iCreate a wannabe entrepreneur can leverage their capabilities to their fullest. iCreate gives access not just to knowledge and money but also to mentors and global exposure.

It is sector-agnostic, but its thrust areas are emerging tech: AI, ML, IoT, Absorption spectrometry, Robotics, EVs, Energy Storage, Agri-tech, Fin-tech etc. to solve the developmental needs of India.

iCreate supports idea to prototype, prototype to proof of concept, and then onwards to market penetration and commercial scale up. Therefore, iCreate helps to produce commercial successes from tech-based innovations.

Not being an academic institute is a powerful strength of iCreate – enabling it to collaborate with the best knowledge workers in the world, and therefore attract bright talent from all over the country and outside, to create tech innovation driven solutions that help take India forward.

Over the past five years of its existence, iCreate has been able to create an enviable track record of creating successful start-ups that have already entered the market, are generating revenue, employing people and raising growth capital from angel investors as well as venture capitalists.

Quick statistical impact of iCreate:

No. Cumulative performance 2014 to date Qty.

1 Project applications received 11,000+

2 Overall projects supported 205

3 Funded projects 133

4 Revenue generated by iCreate’s start-ups Rs 16.5 crore

5 New jobs created by iCreate’s start-ups 340+

6 Patent applications filed 20+

7 Audience outreach (consisting of students, entrepreneurs, innovators, startups) 71,000+

8 MoUs signed 31

9 Domestic events 300+

10 International events 8

11 Roundtable conferences participation 60

12 Impressions through media outreach 2.8+ crores

Sector diversity of the 108 tech innovation-based projects supported by iCreate in 2018-19:

No Type of project Qty.

1 Technology enablement 25

2 Business efficiency 19

3 Smart and connected transportation 16

4 Environment 10

5 Health 9

6 Education 9

7 Agriculture 6

8 Others 14

Breakup of 108 projects supported in 2018-19:

No Type of project – Qty.

1 Ideation projects 34

2 Business scale-up projects 8

3 Technical prototyping projects 11

4 Accelerated projects 55