Dakshita, born in Ahmedabad weighing 430 grams, lived her life fighting to the death for 54 days


State’s first case of a child weighing less than 430 grams

Ahmedabad, 11 December 2020

A baby girl weighing 430 grams is rescued by a poor couple from Madhya Pradesh in Ahmedabad Civil. The last child was reported to be alive in the history of Ahmedabad Civil weighing 650 grams. State’s first case of a child weighing less than 430 grams

In the month of April 2020, Renubahen came to know about her pregnancy. After two months of pregnancy, Renuben was diagnosed with a severe liver-liver problem. No satisfactory results were found from the doctors in Indore. The poor couple had given up almost all hope, only a ray of hope in the darkness was told by a relative, advising them to show up at the Ahmedabad hospital.

The couple came to the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital to try their luck. Renuben’s health improved after a week of treatment. After six and a half months of pregnancy, Renubahan’s health once again deteriorated. The couple again resorted to Civil Hospital Ahmedabad. This time the life of Renubahan’s unborn child was also under question. Renuben’s unborn child also suffered from health problems. There were situations where doctors had to make decisions.

Bela Shah, professor in the pediatric department of the Civil Hospital, said, “According to medical science experience, the chances of a child being born so early are very low.”

In Renuben’s case, if the pregnancy continues and no other decision is taken, the life of both mother and child will be endangered. There was no option but to terminate the pregnancy.

The couple also felt that the end of the pregnancy was done by placing a stone on their heart to find that such a low weight and such a premature baby could not survive.

Finally, in October, Renuba weighed 436 grams and gave birth to a 36 cm tall girl.

Pediatrician Drs. Sonu Akhani said that the girl was struggling in front of death from her first breath. Everyone in the operating theater felt that the child would not live more than a few minutes. The atmosphere of grief was in the operation theater.

According to medical science, when the child is so small, the weight is so low, the problem increases step by step. The girl’s lungs and heart were also weak. The task of maintaining important parameters of physical health was also challenging.

However, the child needed very little oxygen support. This prompted the resident doctors of the Department of Pediatrics to try to revive the child.

स्टाफ के साथ
डोक्टर के साथ

The girl’s blood vessels were even thinner than the line drawn with a pen on paper. Finding a safe line for an IV on a child’s fragile body was also a difficult task.

Despite such a difficult situation, the team of doctors kept trying. Due to the precise, caring and prompt treatment of the doctors, this girl finally wins the battle against death.

Relatives strictly followed doctors’ advice regarding the issue of caring for a child with underdeveloped limbs and massaging oil. The constant loving care and nursing in the NICU gradually paid off and the girl’s condition began to improve.

Oxygen and antibiotic support were also withdrawn. The child also started taking food from the feeding tube. He started gaining weight. Now this child can drink mother’s milk.

After 54 days of NICU treatment, the weight of the baby has increased to 930 grams. Now this girl is ready to lead a healthy life.

The parents have named the child ‘Dakshina’. Which means skill in Hindi.

The cost of free treatment at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital can be anywhere from Rs.10 to Rs.12 lakh.

रेणुबा का वजन 436 ग्राम और 36 सेमी लंबी बच्ची को जन्म दीया था।

Superintendent of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Dr. JP Modi said that it is a matter of pride to revive a child weighing 400 grams in the entire civil hospital. (tranleted from Gujarati, from this web)