If a rath yatra starts in Puri, why not in Ahmedabad? This is suspense.

Ahmedabad, June 24, 2020 Ahmedabad Rathyatra is being observed. Many details have come out about it. Analyzing this, it is clear that like Jagannath, the central government was in favor of not removing the Ahmedabad rath yatra first. Then as the Hindu organizations of the country began to unite, the pressure on the government increased and the rath yatra had to be prepared. It was also decided to start a rath yatra in Ahmedabad with him but due to an infighting between two politicians from Delhi, a rath yatra was to be started in 3 hours by pulling from a tractor amid curfew in Ahmedabad. She could not get out. Know the whole chronology and its observation. Advocate in the Gujarat High Court declared at 11 am and claimed that permission has been given to hold a rath yatra in Ahmedabad. But suddenly at 2 o’clock it was announced that the journey would not start. What happened in these 3 hours was that the decision was suddenly changed. Amit Shah was to come to Ahmedabad, it was decided. They should know that a rath yatra will take place in Ahmedabad. He was to officiate as the country’s Home Minister. Ever since he became the Home Minister of the country, the right of the Minister of State for Home Affairs of Gujarat has been taken away. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani can go and worship at the Jagannath Temple. The Home Minister can perform the ritual. Then the people of Ahmedabad are asking the question why the rath yatra cannot take place. It was almost decided to start the rath yatra with a tractor with 15 people. Then the big question is why the rath yatra was not allowed all of a sudden. It was decided to start the rath yatra. The statement made by Mahant Dilip Das today says that I have been cheated. The one I trusted has broken trust. Mahant’s statement leads to four people: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Gujarat Home Minister Pradeep Jadeja. They also say that I can’t say anything about this. Thus, the BJP leaders have raised questions against the tradition of Hindus in Ahmedabad.

What happened in the power struggle between Amit Shah and Narendra Modi is that Amit Shah gives credit to Narendra Modi instead of giving credit to the Supreme Court for launching Jagannath’s rathyatra. It literally means that the Supreme Court has given exemption from Modi’s statement. If so, approval should have been sought from the Gujarat High Court in this manner in Ahmedabad. It was decided to allow. But the politics between the two leaders of Delhi has come to a standstill. This was stated by the top sources of the International Hindu Council. The court agreed to say in an affidavit that the trip was over. At one point the International Hindu Council was ready to launch a rath yatra. The government also felt that way. Amit Shah said that the tradition of the country should be followed. This was announced by Amit Shah. It literally meant that 150 trips to Ahmedabad and Gujarat were to be made. The tradition in Jagannath is also in Ahmedabad. It was decided to complete the Ahmedabad Rathyatra in 3 hours. But due to the clash between the two powers, the Ahmedabad Rathyatra could not start. The trip could not take place because of these two leaders. Amit Shah announced that he is going to take part in the rath yatra in Ahmedabad. Amit Shah tweeted that the rath yatra is taking place.

On the auspicious occasion of the 143rd Rathyatra of Lord Jagannathji in Ahmedabad, best wishes to all the devotees of Mahaprabhu Jagannathji. I wish Lord Jagannath to keep his grace on all the people and free the country from this epidemic of Corona as soon as possible. What is the statement of the International Hindu Council? Tradition is the law all over the world. The tradition of Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath has been going on for 143 years. This tradition was not broken even in the time of the British. This tradition continued even during the Congress rule. People elected by the votes of Hindus have insulted 6 crore Hindus of Gujarat by stopping Jagannath Rathyatra today. We strongly oppose stopping the rath yatra. Why didn’t the central or state government issue an ordinance for the Ahmedabad Jagannath rath yatra to protect the tradition? The Gujarat High Court did not order the siege of the Jagannath Temple, the siege of Lord Jagannath and the stopping of visitors. Lord Jagannath had laid siege to the temple in such a way that the Pakistan army was to arrive from 5 am. It seemed that the police had kept Lord Jagannath in custody. Millions of devotees come to Darshan on the day of the Rathyatra, the police did not allow the devotees to come since morning. Where was the order of such a high court? Why did Rashtriya Bajrang Dal president Nikunjbhai Parekh arrest him while he was going for a darshan in the morning? We have information about the arrests of many such people. We pray to God to do justice to the incident of breaking our 143-year tradition, besieging the Jagannath temple, holding the Lord hostage and stopping the devotees from darshan. We pray to the President of India and the Governor of Gujarat to punish the wrongdoers and shame those in power with the votes of Hindus, ”said Nehalbhai Shah, Minister for Kanviti Mahanagar of the International Hindu Council. Insulted. In all the talukas and district centers of Gujarat, the activists of the International Hindu Council and Rashtriya Bajrang Dal have filed an application to break the tradition of Jagannath Rathyatra and protest against the imprisonment of Lord Jagannath and spread the word to millions of Hindus in Gujarat.

How can there be one justice for Jagannathpuri Rathyatra and another justice for Ahmedabad Jagannath Rathyatra? When Corona was spreading in America, when thousands of people from America and one lakh people from Gujarat gathered in Namaste Trump program, did you not remember Corona? The Supreme Court has ordered not to play loudspeakers from 10 pm to 7 am if all court decisions are to be complied with. In how many hours will the Gujarat government take down the loudspeakers of Gujarat mosques? Answer it to the people of Gujarat, the eyes of the law are to be shown only to Hindus? When it comes to Muslims, the Supreme Court’s loudspeaker order is to be whitewashed. This was stated by the International Hindu Council.