Farmers have seen a 100 per cent increase in groundnut cultivation, showing what changes are coming

Ahmedabad, 26 June 2020
Peanuts were sowing in 15.40 lakh hectares last year. At present, 12 to 14 lakh hectares have been sowing against it. Thus 80-85 percent has been planted. This year, farmers are showing great enthusiasm for growing groundnuts. The main reason behind this may be the profitability of agriculture. If good prices were obtained last year, then this time the cultivation of that crop is increasing. This is found in peanuts.

The highest trend towards groundnut in any crop in Gujarat is being witnessed among farmers this season. Peanuts are at the top this time over other 52 types of crops. Which can be planted around 17 lakh hectares. Another reason why farmers are more attracted to peanuts is cotton. Cotton prices were not enough for farmers last year. So the farmers have not chosen to plant cotton this year. Instead, the trend towards peanuts is increasing.

Peanut cultivation has a record area of ​​45.77 lakh hectares in 2003-4. Which doesn’t seem to be breaking despite a good monsoon this year. In the year 1949-50, groundnut was cultivated in 4.72 lakh hectares. Peanuts were grown at barely 504 kg per hectare.

Peanuts were grown on 18.22 lakh hectares 10 years ago. In which 964 kg of groundnut was grown per hectare. Thus with the increase in planting, productivity also increased.

Peanut cultivation was 6 lakh hectares during this period in 2019. However, due to early rains in the monsoon of 2020, 12 lakh hectares have been planted by June 22. Thus a 100 percent increase is seen in groundnut cultivation. Another reason behind this, farmers say, was that last year there was good rainfall and groundwater storage was good. It could have been planted well before the monsoon.