If the number of Koro patients is correct, then why more deaths in Delhi in Gujarat?

In Gujarat, 858 out of 14,056 corona patients died, while in Delhi, 271 out of 14,053 patients died. That means the average death due to corona in Gujarat is 6.10%, while in Delhi it is only 1.92%.

Doctors say that although the infection is similar in both the states, awareness, good health services and availability of oxygen can reduce the death rate in Delhi.

Opposition Congress in Gujarat has accused the BJP government of not conducting tests in Gujarat and hiding Corona’s figures. Which is a lot to say from these statistics. If fewer tests are successful, Gujarat can become Lothal.

Kovid Advisor to the Government of Delhi and Chairman of ILBS Dr. S.K. Surrey said there could be three reasons behind this. Early prevention, availability of oxygen and good quality medical team. He said the people of Delhi are very much aware of Corona. The virus is not usually dangerous. Despite 80% of people with mild symptoms, people come to check themselves. Timely diagnosis and treatment can reduce the risk of any disease.

People are arriving in Delhi as early as possible for treatment. If people go to Gujarat, they are not tested. An average of 5,000 samples are being tested in Delhi today. Because of this, cases are coming up, but with timely treatment they are also remedying.

The biggest problem for an infected patient in the corona is breathing. Lack of oxygen in the body arises. Delhi has oxygen-rich beds. The medical infrastructure facilities within Delhi are very good.

Dr. Max of Internal Medicine. Romal Tikku said it was still difficult to estimate the cause of death in both the states. But it is true that wherever the elderly and already sick people become infected, the virus becomes dangerous and deadly for them. Especially those who suffer from diseases like diabetes, heart, kidney have more problems.