Demanded imposition of Presidential rule in Maharashtra

Former Maharashtra CM and BJP leader Narayan Rane on Monday called on Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari at his residence. Demanded the implementation of the presidential rule. He says the Maharashtra government is failing to stop the corona virus.

However, in terms of population, Gujarat has the highest number of deaths and Corona has the highest number of cases in Delhi. That is why BJP has started a referendum in Maharashtra in the name of Corona.

Rane said the Thackeray government could not handle the Koro crisis. This government does not have the capacity. This government has failed to deal with Corona. Therefore, presidential rule should be brought here. The government is not able to save the lives of the people.

Many patients have died due to non-admission to the hospital. In such a situation it cannot be said that the government is not paying attention. This government cannot handle this situation.

A thousand have died. The governor should therefore consider this government and instruct them in terms of healthcare to serve them that the situation will only improve if the municipal and state government hospitals are handed over to the army.

More than 50,000 patients with coronary heart disease have been found. Corona’s figure is growing rapidly every day. The same is true in Gujarat, where corona tests are being reduced but the death toll is the same as in Maharashtra.