In the auto sector, we should move towards global dominance: Union Ministor

Delhi 04 SEP 2020

Union Minister of Commerce & Industry has said that in the auto sector, we should movetowards global dominance, in terms of auto components & automobiles. Addressing the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) annual convention today, he said “We are improving the scale & quality of what we are producing & serving. With this, we are seeing how we can improve competitiveness to engage with the world.

Reciprocity, high quality, affordability & good economies of scale will help us expand our global engagement, Shri Goyal said that Design, Packaging and Brand Buiding- these are 3 pre-requisites for us if we want to offer our products across the world. India is looking at its own domestic capabilities and expansion of its own economic and global engagement.

“India is willing to provide a very facilitated environment. We are engaged with many companies who are looking for more resilient value chains. We have to identify sectors where we have a comparative & competitive edge over other countries. I am sure we will become trusted, reliable partners where countries across the world can look at greater engagement with India”

Calling upon the automotive industry to work together in the spirit of partnership,  “Ours is a listening Govt, and we are delighted to be available to the auto industry to find solutions & work together in partnership to achieve a better future, increase localisation in India & harness export potential on fair terms. When a company works in India, they get a large Indian market.”

The Minister said that as we move towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat in the automobile sector, industry’s role becomes even more important. He said the Government is willing to engage as often as required to find solutions for greater global engagement. A focused approach in particular sectors will help us increase our contribution to global supply chains.