In the coming decades, there will be BJP governments in Gujarat – BJP President C.R. Patil

Surat, 22 July 2020
Here are the answers to the questions asked by the journalist to BJP’s newly appointed Gujarat President Chandrakant Patil.

Journalist’s question
After becoming the head of Gujarat BJP, people are discussing a copy of your crime. A copy of the affidavit that has been submitted to the Election Commission of India has gone viral with information that 107 crimes have been registered against you. What do you say? The Congress is also blowing the air.

(With little angry)

Answer by CR Patil:
Look, brother, I cannot answer what the Congress will or will not do. Speaking of affidavits, let me , if you have time, then see my affidavit for 2019, what is against me, what is not. Will the questioner like you and you get the right answer? The truth is with me, The BJP government remained in Gujarat for decades to come.

The assumption is wrong that I am non Gujarati. I was born on March 16, 1955 in Pipri Akrout village of Jalgaon in the then Bombay state. Till Bombay was a state we were in Maharashtra. After partition of two state my family came to South Gujarat. I attended a school in South Gujarat. Educated at Industrial Training Institute, Surat.

Then I got a job in the police and in 1984 I was suspended for speaking out against the injustice done to the police personnel. Then I quit my job. Made a move towards politics. With, Kashiram Rana of Surat, joined BJP in 1989. Everyone knows what happened after that. How did I become a non-Gujarati? This thing raised against me is wrong.

We have done what we have to do in the election strategy and where is the opposition against us in Gujarat? Has anyone won the election? Is there any leader in Congress? Does Congress have an issue? Why should people vote for Congress? Every BJP worker today stands with the people in this epidemic. Congressmen and Congress leaders have locked themselves in lock-down. How is the vote for such a party now? So when it comes to strategy, only people will win us over. We will also win eight assembly seats and Zilla Panchayat, Nigam.

For Congress’s Hardik Patel, where do they have leaders? Patidar is nothing like outrage. Is a product of the brain. Every society including Patidar is with BJP and will be with BJP. There is no resentment anywhere. There will be no resentment. In the assembly by-elections, every society will come together and win the BJP.