India Records all time high Export of Coir and Coir Products

Delhi 15 JUL 2020
The export, of coir and coir products from India worth Rs. 2757.90 crore for the year 2019-20, registers an all-time high record, which is around Rs. 30 crore higher than that of the last year i.e. 2018-19 which stood at Rs. 2728.04 crore. 9,88,996 MT of coir and coir products were exported during the year 2019-20 from the country as against 964046 MT exported during the preceding year. While the exports of coir pith, tufted mats, coir Geo-textiles, coir rugs and carpets, coir other sorts, coir rope and power-loom mats registered growth both in terms of quantity and value. The products like hand-loom mats, coir yarn, rubberized coir and power-loom matting showed decline in terms of quantity and increase in terms of value.

Coir pith with export earnings of Rs. 1349.63 crore constituted 49% of the total export of coir products from the country.
Coir fibre with an export of Rs. 498.43 crore constituted to 18% of the total exports.
The value-added items put together constituted 33% of the total exports.
Tufted Mats topped among the value added products (20% in value).
The export of coir and coir products never showed decrease during the period, which shows there is no chance for the coir entrepreneur to worry about the business.
The domestic market for coir and coir products also shows an increasing trend.
Exports are made through several ports of India out of which around 99% of the Exports of Coir and Coir Products are made through Tuticorin, Cochin and Chennai Ports. The other main ports of export of coir and coir products are Vishakapattanam, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. Small quantities of exports were made through roads from Kannur, Coimbatore and Rexual.
The port-wise details of exports are as under;

 Port-wise Export (2019-20)
Sl. No. Port/ Place of Export Qty.



(Rs. Lakhs)

1 Tuticorin 519144 122910.39
2 Cochin 217930 107023.69
3 Chennai 238970 43159.93
4 Vishakapatanam 11578 1871.26
5 Mumbai 1145 596.15
6 Kolkata 113 131.89
7 Bangalore 41 58.19
8 Others (By Road) 75 38.63
  Total 988996 275790.13