Strange case: Karnataka youth violated rules 101 times in 11 months, fined Rs 57,000

Some people improve after paying a fine once or twice and start following traffic rules but some people do not improve. A similar case has come to light in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, where a man erupted a memo 101 times in 11 months, but the shocking thing is that this person did not even know about his memo. Working in a private company in Bengaluru, Rajesh Kumar goes to the office in his vehicle every day.

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They were going from home to office. At one point while he was on his way to the office, he broke the signal and in the meanwhile the traffic police gave a memo and checked the vehicle record and found out that 6 other memos had been torn on the same day and this is the seventh. Further investigation of this person’s vehicle revealed that 94 memos have already been received from this person and a total of 101 traffic memos have been made. According to police officials, all the memos were obtained and a copy of the 5.5-foot-long memo was handed over to the man. So far he has not paid a single currency. Due to which his bike has been confiscated by the police. The youth has asked the police officers for three days to pay the fine of Rs 57,200.

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