It has been 6 months since Kamurtha left but the unfortunate BJP president has not changed

Gandhinagar, 14 July 2020
Kamurata sat on 14 January 2020. Earlier, the BJP had announced that the appointment of the new state president would be announced. Jitu Vaghani may replace it with someone else, but BJP’s weakness is still running low. The state head has not been changed. Kamurta ​​- Such a day, according to astrologers, a period of time during which no auspicious work or ceremony can be performed.

The patience of BJP workers is now running out. The new state president was to be announced soon, but now BJP workers do not know when to oust Jitu Vaghani .

The name of the state president was decided in December 2019. But the names could not be revealed. Now preparations are on for a new BJP organization. The responsibility of forming a BJP organization was to be completed on 31 December 2019. It has been delayed for 7 months. Gujarat also violated the BJP rule for the election of the national president at that time. 50 percent of the appointments that should have happened was not made.

The entire BJP believes that Jitu Vaghani should not be reappointed as Gujarat BJP President. Except for the Delhi-based minister of Amreli, Saurashtra. This minister is keeping Vaghani’s winning streak. He lobbied to become the chief of Jitu Vaghani. Today they are lobbying to save them. Why do they say?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah reached Ahmedabad on 14 January 2020, Uttarayan was caught by Amit Shah’s spinner Jeetu Vaghani. The term expired from 1.6 years but is hung on the chair. Now the story has become a chair, not a party.

There is considerable lobbying in Delhi to give Jeetu Vadhani a term. If he again becomes the chief, he will be the third leader to hold office for the third consecutive term after Purushottam Rupala and RC Faldu. But Vaghani’s failure, it seems that he will not be elected again.