People from Radhanpur remembering list of 900 liquor bar in given by Alpesh Thakur

The liquor did not go away, but now the Thakor army leader defends the drinking
Mehsana, Gujarat
The question of alcohol in Gujarat is notorious. The government has made a strict law because of my agitation. It has been implemented. Alcohol should be stopped in Rajasthan. Gandhi’s Gujarat. There is peace due to the liquor ban in Gujarat. Let the election be settled, socially we are about to work again. BJP leader Alpesh Thakor has thus changed his tone. Because he is contesting from BJP in Radhanpur, before this Alpesh was with Congress. So the liquor is sold but since he could not even speak against it, the people of Radhanpur are asking him questions, why did not stop the 900 list today?

Forgot the listing three years ago
Alpesh Thakor said on February 26, 2016, three years ago that 900 liquor bars were running in the hometown of Mehsana district of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former Chief Minister Anand Patel and former Home Minister for state Rajni Patel. More than 900 bars of liquor and gambling in Mehsana have been disclosed, OBC SC ST forum leader Alpesh Thakor gave list to former chief minister Anandi Patel in a formal meeting. Alpesh, who campaigned against alcohol abuse, listed bootleggers with names and addresses as a token. People who have forgotten Alpesh Thakor today, are reminding him to take out the old list again and save the Thakor society by putting the masses red.

‘Addiction-Free Mahakumbh’, Great Depression
Alpesh has given a 21-day ultimatum to the Chief Minister after giving a one-month last name for closing the alcohol addiction at the Addiction-Free ‘Addiction-free Mahakumbh’ rally at the GMDC ground in Ahmedabad under the banner of SC, ST, OBC Ekta Manch. Then he raided the basement and was suddenly stopped.

Alcohol bars have not closed for 3 years, Alpesh Thakor silence
Liquor bars haven’t stopped for 3 years. It’s been three years since Alpesh Thakor gave a list of liquor stays but the stays are still on. Alpesh Thakor is silent after splitting with BJP. Kshatriya Thakor Army chief Alpesh Thakor has been pouring masses at the liquor bases operating in the state for the past few days. Which is now closed for 6 months after moving to BJP.

The masses are off the rad
Gujarat Kshatriya Rathore army will be subdued by the GMDC on 26 January 2016. The people of Thakor society had gathered at Ground Ahmedabad to make a public pledge of addiction. We will make Muhith successful by understanding the plight of young people who die from drug abuse and alcoholism, widows and widows who are destitute. Then the ‘public raid’ started pouring on the liquor bar.

Ahmedabad is the largest stay despite the pledge
Ahmedabad is a city with the highest alcohol consumption in Gujarat. Surat comes after. The PCB has to get the approval of the liquor business. The list of the 10 largest selling bases was announced. These include Gomatipur (Hassan), Bapunagar (Bhaiya), Nicole (Bhaiya), Naroda (Shara), Juhapura (Kalu), Juhapura (snow), Navawad (Singh), Shahpur (Khadki), Daripur (Chand), Asarwa (Kishore). , Asarwa (Shankar Temple), Desi brewery starts from Indirabridge at the banks of river Sabarmati at 8 pm, home to liquor has become the hub for delivering homemade liquor. There is a gathering of foreign liquor suppliers, who bring home liquor from any home brand all over West Ahmedabad.

1050 Listed bootlegger
Alpesh pours masses at a liquor station in Ahmedabad. However, as per the police list in 2019, there are 1050 listed bootleggers in Ahmedabad city, of which 0.4 per cent of the bootleggers have been prosecuted after the Home Minister’s announcement. From one base, 100 to 2 thousand foreign liquor bottles and pellets are sold daily. Every day 11 lakh bottles or bottles are sold. Ahmedabad has a population of 6 million, so one bottle is sold every 6 persons. This means that alcohol is consumed in Ahmedabad at home.

Liquor stay in Radhanpur
Alcohol is being sold openly in Radhanpur, the constituency of former MLA Alpesh Thakor, who raided a liquor bar in Gandhinagar after a raid in Ahmedabad. Alpesh Thakor’s drunken campaign has gone on air. Importantly, Kanti Thakor, the cousin of Alpesh Thakor, who raided liquor bars across the state, was also charged with foreign liquor, with alcohol consumption.

People in my community do alcohol, Alpes
Inaugurating the newly built medical store at Patan Deesa Road on June 18, 2018, the leader of the Thakor army, Alpesh Thakor, said, “People in my community will be doing small liquor business.” I say no. But I run to catch these people. I’m consciously saying that. I run to stop them, to hold them close.

No improvement
He poured masses of alcohol at several places. On several occasions, the government also warned against shutting down liquor bases in different areas. His purpose behind the establishment of the Kshatriya Thakor Sena was to liberate the people of his society from the addiction of alcohol. But he can not speak against the government now, instead of going to Rajakan and splitting with BJP.

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