Kishan, who escaped from jail with 13 inmates arrested, 66 robberies with theft in temple

Anand, 26 March 2021

Anand police of Gujarat has found a prisoner who escaped from jail on 24 March 2021. Kishan( Keshan) Sangode has been involved in 66 crimes like robbery, robbery and murder. Kishan alias Keshan Sangod, who played a key role in the escape of 13 notorious accused from the Deogarhbaria jail near Overbridge, Vasad, a year ago, has been exposed for several serious crimes.

13 escaped from the rope from jail

The infamous Kishan alias Keshan of Dahod was in the Devgarhbaria jail. Due to the lockout, the accused were not produced in the court. Was imprisoned. Everyone broke the lock of the prison barrack and escaped with the help of rope.

Lasu plans to finish work the next day. According to which, on April 30, 2020, both Kishan and Ramsingh Mehta bought a 30-meter long rope from Devgarhbaria and made arrangements around the prison at midnight. Around midnight, Kish spoke to Lasu on the phone and climbed the toilet wall adjacent to the prison veranda, took a rope over the prison coat, and tied a rope inside the prison with an iron angle. After that, a total of 16 accused, including Lasu, fled with the rope.

How caught

In a rickshaw, three persons were seen coming from Tarapur and heading towards the bus stand. So the police took them under suspicion and searched them and found the stolen tools like chisel, cutter, wrist watch, cash etc.

Police said that Kishan alias Keshan Abu is a resident of Sangod – Panu, Dhanpur, Dahod, Manju Hema Bambor – Andar, Bambor Faliyu, Dhanpur, Dahod and Manu Masula Mohania – Surdungari Faliyu, Sanjoy, Dhanpur, Dahod.

Kishan Sangode’s 19 crimes

Arrested mastermind Kishan alias Keshan Deogarhbaria has been implicated in crimes like theft, robbery and murder.

3 temples were also looted and looted. Robbery of house in Bairia village of Dhanpur, theft of miscellaneous goods in Modhwa village shop of Dhanwa, robbery attempt in Mainpur village of Dhanpur, theft of grocery store in Nalu village of Dhanpur, theft in cabin of Pipero village of Dhanpur, Theft in Bairia village of Dhanpur. Theft. Along with his comrades, he looted an ashram near Ranuja in Kalwar taluka in which he threatened monks and looted cash.

Were fugitives in 17 crimes

The three people have confessed to robbing and stealing 28 at different places. Also served breakfast on 17 serious types of crimes. All three have been arrested in the first 21 offenses.

Crime since 2013

Kishan aka Keshan has been involved in theft and robbery incidents since 2013. They formed their own gang and stole from the designated place. If he woke up, the landlord would have beaten him. They were looting and running away. The latter were participating.

Theft of Manu and the farmer

Manu and the farmer were hunting for Vadodara and Saurashtra in the robbery. The theft took place in Akota in Vadodara city, near Manjhalpur railway, near Kalatali railway gate, Somalato, Ravipark, Manzalpur. Theft of night donation boxes and CCTV DVRs at Vadasar Swaminarayan temple, breaking the lock of cooperative society in Dharol by night, theft of miscellaneous items from it, theft of cash by breaking the lock of Agro shop in Dharol, stealing of cash market in Godal at night in the yard.

Manju’s crime

Robbery in Medri, Dhanpur, robbery in Mainpur village, photocopy machine and LCD from government school. And four fans stole and entered the shop.

Theft in Morody, burglary in a house and the theft of a shop at Anand’s Virkhadi in Morbi, near the railway gate near Sola in Ahmedabad.