Farmers in Gujarat do not get prices, export infrastructure is incomplete

Gandhinagar, 25 March 2021

In the previous section we have discussed the potential of the state in terms of availability of the exportable commodities. It has been observed that the current status of the exports from the state is minimal when compared to the total potential available with the state to export. The huge gap in exports is due to unavailability of the supporting infrastructure to promote exports of the commodities. Good infrastructure facilities ensure proper delivery and safety of the exported product along with savings in time and cost.

In Gujarat it has been observed that the major commodities having potential for export are banana, potato and other fresh vegetables (okra, cabbage, capisicum etc.). Other fresh vegetables are also exported through the Ahmedabad Air Cargo Complex. The Air cargo complex exported only 101 MT of other fresh vegetables in the year 2013-14. Although these commodities are already being exported from the state but due to lack of infrastructure their actual potential has yet to be achieved. The infrastructure gaps are present in the form of non-availability of pack houses, pre-cooling facilities, processing facilities etc. In order to enhance the overall export from the state and realize actual export potential of the state, these gaps has to be plugged.

In the same regards, we have identified various districts based on their respective production strength, proximity to the port, existing market and infrastructure availability for exports, connectivity and their potential for further development.

Exit Points for Gujarat

The exit options for export products from Gujarat are – Kandla, Mundra and Porbandar Sea Port and
Ahmedabad Airport.

Existing Infrastructure

Pack houses: In total Gujarat has 4 pack houses which includes privately owned pack houses. There are 3 APEDA approved pack houses at Bharuch, Pavi Jetpur and Kamrej and 2 pack houses are currently being setup at Dahod and Kodinar.

Cold stores: In total, Gujarat has 800 cold storages, including privately owned cold storages,

Food Parks: 3 Food Parks have been approved in Gujarat.

3rd Party Logistics: In Gujarat also, majority of the large third party logistics providers operate for providing logistics and shipping services for export of agricultural produce. J.M. Baxi group of companies, Maerskline and K Line Pvt. Ltd. are the prominent private sector players which provide end to end solutions. Hanjin Shipping and Hamburg Sud India Pvt. Ltd. are other largest International players which also operate in Gujarat. In addition to these, Shipping Corporation of India and Container Corporation of India are the two prominnent public sector shipping and logistics players.