Medical College of BJP leader Shankar Chaudhary trust and Gauchar scam of Gujarat BJP government

Medical College of BJP leader Shankar Chaudhary trust and Gauchar scam of Gujarat BJP government

Dilip Patel

January 2022

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has appealed to animals, cows and birds to show mercy for Uttarayan. But all the chief ministers before him are grabbing the land reserved for those cows which Hindus consider to be revered and in whose name the BJP wins elections by playing politics.

He has appealed to the Chief Minister to show mercy to the cattle but has not allowed Gauchar to live in 3000 villages of Gujarat. Companies, businessmen have been sold.

Banas Medical College in Moria village of Palanpur taluka is a classic example of this.

After confiscating Palanpur Civil Hostel for Re 1 BJP leaders seized Gauchar free of cost. Where the medical college has started.

BJP leader Shankar Chaudhary had ordered to digest Gauchar within 24 hours. He was the Health Minister then.

The legal process took 6 months but Gauchar was snatched away in 24 hours.

The Palanpur Gauchar scam is so widespread that Talati, Mamlatdar, Sarpanch, Banaskantha Collector, Health Secretary, Revenue Secretary and Health Minister are likely to go to jail. Here such a law has been broken. On which the medical college has been built.

Palanpur advocate Ramesh Nabhani says that a PIL has been filed in this regard in the High Court in 2018. it’s expensive.

Teaching continues in 200 crore hospital. But the matter is still pending in the court.

Advocate Ramesh Nabhani says, —-

Another Rs 200 crore has been provided by the government for the construction of two floors of the hospital. Build 3-4 floors in the old hospital

50 crore to build a new hospital

Rana was the collector of Banaskantha at that time. He made a rule and gave the land of Gauchar. Gauchar should be according to the number of animals. But bypassing him, 10 acres of land was given to Shankar Chaudhary’s trust.

The land of Gauchar in front was also given 45 km away. How can the people of this village drive their cattle 45 km away.

Shankar Chaudhary has misused his authority and has given all the orders within 4 days to 30 days. Review done in 6 days. The government needs 5 years to do this work. By doing this the rules have been set in a few days. Approval from Gandhinagar Secretariat in 4 days

Advocate Ramesh Nabhani says, —-

Now a new scandal has also come to the fore where the college has been built.

Some miscreants bought the land on which the college was to be built, six kilometers away from Palanpur.

The revenue department should investigate who bought these lands.

There is land of BJP leaders or their relatives all around.

Before the construction of the medical college, the cost of a widow’s land was Rs 20 lakh. Now the cost of one Vigha here has become Rs 2 crore. There has been a loss of one crore in the interior sector.

When the college was to be built, cheap land was taken. Within 5 to 6 km. The farmers of Choudhary community are upset. The buyers were also the black money of BJP leaders.

Advocate Ramesh Nabhani says, —-

Here 1 crore bungalows and flats have also become enough.

One such college was declared illegal by the Bhopal High Court. After canceling the registration, the fee of Rs 5 lakh was refunded and a fine of Rs 10 lakh per student was imposed.

People here are afraid of Shankar Chaudhary. That’s his fear.

The Civil Hospital has recruited 200 employees of the same society. The allegation was made here when a Dalit died in Corona.

Corona patients were sent to a private hospital. Palanpool Hospital is also reserved for a special group of people. If the then patients are examined, then 90% of the patients will be from the same community. The hospital was increased from 150 beds to 400 beds.

Advocate Ramesh Nabhani says, —-

Eligibility to set up medical college

The agreement was signed on 10.10.2017 between the Medical Council of India and the government-selected organization Galbabai Nanjibhai Patel Trust for Palanpur and the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat.

There would have been a three-year balance sheet, but it was not.

Galbabai Nanjibhai Patel Charitable has been registered in 2016. The trust was only for eight months. Hence he is not eligible to apply as he does not qualify for MCI.

Trust is non-experienced in the medical field. Wasn’t even financially capable.

Order to get crores from poor shepherds to make Shankar Chaudhary a medical college

Shankar Choudhary donated Rs. Worked to get 200 crores from poor shepherds.

150 seats have been got for medical college.

BJP minister Shankar Chaudhary’s Gauchar land scam was not investigated

The 2017 assembly elections were lost to new candidate Ganiben Thakor.

Why Shankar Chaudhary’s medical college was built on Gauchar’s land? He was earlier ordered to appear in the High Court.

Gujarat government has done wrong in the process of giving land. Shocking information has come to light.

Ignoring the rules for Banaskantha Medical College, the Civil Hospital of Palanpur was confiscated and a private trust was allowed overnight to open a 150-seat medical college.

MCI had made a recommendation to the Government of India.

accused of taking advantage of the ministry

After the hearing of the Gujarat High Court in 2018 in the matter of Banas Medical College land, the trustees of Banas Medical College, including the Collector, have been given the benefit of public interest.

Registration is expensive. A paper does not move.

Office of profit is a difficult affair. such a case

Shankar Choudhary when Health Minister

If so, he gave the entire hospital to his trust and gave Gauchar crores of land.

Everyone was asked to be present with the documents. Documents of Gauchar and violation of conditions were submitted in the PIL. How the Gujarat government has done wrong by granting the trust of BJP leader Shankar Chaudhary for a medical college in Palanpur. This is shocking. In most of the process from giving Gauchar to the college to the approval of the college, the Gujarat government has done wrong.

Advocate Ramesh Nabhani says, —-

Shankar Choudhary himself is involved as a trustee in the Galbabai Nanjibhai Patel Charitable Trust. After Palanpur Civil Hospital was taken over by the Trust, a new institution named Banas Medical College and Research Institute was established to open a medical college in it.

Which is recognized by MCI. The cabinet approved the chairmanship of CM Rupani.

Disha socio-political activist Bhimabhai Chaudhary has also raised her voice.

Repeated representations have been made to the Medical Council.

This is the only Gauchar which BJP leaders have digested.

The only example of how BJP leaders grab Gauchar is Shankar Choudhary. Out of 14 thousand such villages, 3 thousand villages have become without Gauchar. 6 crore square meters of Gauchar land has been given.

Advocate Ramesh Nabhani says, —-

There was a fodder scam of Lalu Prasad in Bihar, but only the gauchers who grow grass here have been eaten by the BJP government and BJP leaders.

Lalu in fodder and Modi in Gauchar.

Gauchar ended in three thousand villages

There is no Gauchar in 3 thousand villages. If there was Gauchar in 3000 villages of the state, the cattle owners would get one lakh liters of milk daily by grazing about 10 thousand cattle on it and it would have given valuable manure for farming.

Gauchar Sarkar of 50 villages is eaten every year. The political mafia is ruined. In just three years of Rupani, the Gauchar government sold 129 villages to companies. The Gauchar government is giving 50 villages to companies every year.

Gauchar land of 46 thousand square meters of Charkha village was given to JETCO company for the construction of power station.

In Gujarat, 50 lakh square meters of Gauchar feet were pushed by the mafia.

The government cannot take Gauchar’s land. If asked, the approval of the villagers and the Gram Panchayat will have to be taken. All over Gujarat, the land reserved for cows is being snatched and given to industrialists. So Gauchar has gone missing in 3 thousand villages. Before the BJP government came, 700 villages did not have Gauchar. In 2015, 2625 villages in the state did not have Gauchar land. In 2017, it did not increase to 2754 villages. In 2019, more than 3 thousand villages do not have land for cattle. Due to which the villagers are deprived of employment and the villagers are wandering towards the city for employment. Kanto faces poverty.

5 lakh hectare land to industries

Till 2012, the BJP government of the Modi government had given 4.10 lakh square meters of Gauchar land to industrialists.

Gauchar is accused of selling 1.92 lakh hectares of land till 2017. Adani has been allotted 55 million sqm for port and special economic zone. Gauchar was also in the ground.

Gauchar was 8.50 lakh hectare in 1980-81. In 2014, 7.65 lakh hectares of Gauchar land was left. In 2014, there was pressure on 9.33 million square meter of Gauchar land.

Presently there is no pasture for 2.71 crore cattle.

pressure on Gaucher

This has never happened before in two years.

There has been a Gauchar Bhoomi scam of Rs 300 to 600 crore every year.

Question to BJP and Modi

Question to BJP – Who lost Gauchar under the Gau Bhakt BJP rule?

Question from Kesari side – Who killed Gauchar, which Hindus consider to be revered?

Question to RSS- Why are you silent on BJP’s anti-Hindu act?

Question to Modi- Why is BJP doing politics in the name of cow?

Question to BJP- Why do you use cows to win elections?

Question to Bhupendra Patel – Appeal to save the animal from Jivadaya, why not to save Gauchar?

Question to 3 former Chief Ministers- Who lost Gauchar in 3000 villages of Gujarat?

Question to Modi-Rupani- Why Gauchar was sold to companies and industrialists?

Question to Shankar Chaudhary – Why Gauchar of Moria village of Palanpur went missing?

Question to Chaudhary – Why was the college built on the dairy money of the shepherds and the land of Gauchar?

Question to Shankar Choudhary – Are you proud of dairy and why did you grab the land of the cows?

Question to Collector – Why did Gauchar landed 45 km away from Moria village?

Tough question from High Court – Why is the public interest case against Shankar Chaudhary falling since 2018?

Why BJP scam – Why Gauchar scam of former BJP minister Shankar Chaudhary?

Question to Kesari Sarkar – Why is Gauchar Hindu Sarkar of 50 villages eaten every year?

Question to the Hindu government – Why the scam under the rule of Gauchar Hindu Gaubhakt BJP?

Question against 28 years of rule – When BJP government came, there were no Gauchans in 700 villages, why not in 3000 villages now?

Question to Jain righteous Rupani – Why was there a scam of Rs 300 to 600 crore per year in Gauchar Bhoomi?


Why not life?

Why did Jain give some Gauchar of SEZ to Adani?

Gauchars of 300 villages disappeared in 2014-2021

jain government convicted vijay rupani for 5 years

9.33 crore square meters in 2014. pressure on Gaucher

Why did Modi take grass from cow’s mouth?


who is responsible

Gauchar was 8.50 lakh hectare in 1980-81

7.65 lakh hectare Gauchar instead of 10 lakh in 2014

Gauchar gave 6 crore square meters

Gauchar gave 5 lakh hectares of land to industries



Hindu government against Hindus

Gauchar Hindu government of 50 villages is eaten every year

Political mafia captured Gauchar’s land

Gauchar of 129 villages sold in Rupani’s 3 years

Gauchar saffron of 50 villages was sold by the British every year

Gauchar scam Hindu cow devotee in BJP rule


Lalu’s grass and Modi’s Gauchar

Lalu Prasad in Bihar and Narendra Modi in Gujarat

Lalu’s fodder scam, Modi’s Gauchar scam

The leaders swallowed the BJP government

Lalu in fodder and Modi in Gauchar

Gauchar was wiped out in three thousand villages


Shankar did not save the hybrid cow

College on Shankar Chaudhary’s Hybrid Cow Gauchar

Shankar Chaudhary misused his power

Health Minister Shankar took her to the hospital

Why the name dairy and work is scary

Why did Shankar Chaudhary eat Gauchar’s land?