Modi’s advertising cost will be 10 thousand crores, deprived 5 lakh poor people of their rights

Till 2014 TO 2018, BJP’s Narendra Modi government had spent Rs 5,000 crore on its own campaign and the government’s campaign. At an average cost of Rs 1,000 crore per year, Rs 8,000 crore in 8 years and Rs 10,000 crore on completion of 10 years will be spent.

During the ten years of the Manmohan Singh-led UPA regime from 2004-2014, the central government spent a total of Rs 2,658 crore on advertising. The fact that the Modi government spends 400 per cent more is highly suggestive. Out of which 5 lakh poor families living in slums would have built houses on government land.

This is the declared cost. The hidden cost will be many times higher than that. In addition, each department spends heavily for the personal promotion of politicians.

At the Press Information Bureau Headquarters, New Delhi, there are 100 officers and 3,000 people across the states. Whose price is also very high.

Headquarters of Press Information Bureau, New Delhi, List of 90 Officers –

At the Press Information Bureau Headquarters, New Delhi, there are 100 officers and 3,000 people across the states. Whose price is also very high.

List of 90 officers of Press Information Bureau

Media & Communication Division of Prime Minister’s Office, President’s Secretariat, VP’s Secretariat, Cabinet Secretariat, Urdu Unit, NITI Aayog and Statistics & Programme Implementation. Prime Minister’s Unit and NITI Aayog. Statistics & Programme Implementation UNIT. Soochna Bhawan, Shastri Bhawan, National Media Centre,

Pramod Sharma, Principal, Private, Secretary, Shastri Bhawan

Ritu Raj Puri, Section Officer

Dhiraj Singh, Additional Director General

Arvind Kumar Jain, Joint Director, National Media Centre

Arun Kumar P , Deputy Director

Vandana Jatav, Deputy Director

Mahar Singh, Deputy Director

Koganti Rohit, Assistant Director

Alpana Pant Sharma, Additional Director General

Irshad Ali, M&CO

Jigar Khunt, M&CO

Alok Mishra, Additional Director General

Praween Kavi, Deputy Director

Megha Sunny, Deputy Director

Tasneem F. Khan, Assistant Director

A. Bharat Bhushan Babu, Additional Director General

Nampibou Marinmai, Deputy Director

Gaurav Khare, Deputy Director

Rajesh Malhotra, Director General

Kush Mohan Nahar, M&CO

Y.K.Baweja, Additional Director General

Rajesh Kumar Meena, Assistant Director

Durganath Swarnkar, Assistant Director

Manisha Verma, Additional Director General

Ankur Lahoty , Deputy Director

Suvidha Kumra, Deputy Director

Nitin D.Wakankar, Director General

Amandeep Yadav, Assistant Director

Rajeev Rustagi, Assistant Director

Saurabh Singh, Deputy Director

Sanjay Soni, Deputy Director

R.K. Pillai, Deputy Director

Rajeev Jain, Additional Director General

Monika Deputy, Director

Mattu J P Singh, Additional Director General

Maneesh Singhal, Deputy Director

Aanchal Katiyar, M&CO

S.N. Chowdhary, Additional Director General

Rajeev Rustagi, Assistant Director

Manish Gautam, Director

Beena Yadav, Additional Director General

Anubhav Singh, Deputy Director

Nanu Bhasin, Additional Director General

Sushil Kumar, Assistant Director

Vasudha Gupta, Director General

Sheetal Angral, Assistant Director

Lumpem Vashum M&CO

Kanchan Prasad Mandlaus, Additional Director General

Tejaswi Menda, Deputy Director

B.H. Aggarwal, Section Officer

Nungsang lemba, Additional Director General

Shakun Pardarshni, Joint Director

Rajender Prasad, Assistant Director

Radha Gupta Rani, Section Officer

Ashish Goyal, Additional Director General

Himanshu Pathak, Deputy Director

Manish Gautam, Director

Archana Mahto M&CO

Y.K.Baweja, Additional Director General

Jyoti Swaroop Asthana, Deputy Director

K.S. Muralidharan Section Officer

PreetiVerma, Sr. Tech., Director

Vir Bikram Kumar, Sr.Tech. Director

Madhab Chandra Dakua, Section Officer

Vasudha Gupta, Director General

Kanchan Prasad, Additional Director General

Arun Kumar P, Deputy Director

Sadhu Singh, Deputy Director

Jyoti Swaroop Asthana, Deputy Director

Tejaswi Menda, Deputy Director

Kuldip Singh, Section Officer

Kapgoulian Vualzong, Section Officer


K.S.Muralidharan, Section Officer

Saurav Singh Bhadouria, Section Officer