There is Agnipath – fire path, there is only tension – MP Gohil

Rajya Sabha MP from Gujarat, Shktisingh Gohil said in a meeting of the Defense Ministry’s advisory committee on the topic “Agneepath Recruitment Scheme” on Monday, July 11, 2022 at 11 am, “Today the youth across the country is angry. They demand that the government take back the decision taken by Agneepath with immediate effect. Agneepath is a scheme that plays with the future of the youth and with the security of the nation.

We are proud of our army, we are proud of our army. I bow to the martyrs and I salute our soldiers who are working in the security of the country. If there is any highest honor in the army, it is the honor of Param Vir Chakra. Top most award in the army or any defense force, is the Param Vir Chakra and in 1987, at a height of 21,000 feet, attacked the Quaid-e-Azam post of Pakistan, led, killed 4 Pakistan soldiers and after that for this bravery Who got the highest military honor, Captain Bana Singh has asked for the plan of Agneepath that ‘save the country, save the country, Agnipath scheme will badly damage us, Agnipath scheme will harm us badly. India is going through a crucial stage, we are passing through a crucial time. Youngsters are the future of motherland, our youth are the future of our motherland. Captain Bana Singh ji opposed Agneepath, who is a mighty man with the highest honour, he said. So no one should understand that we are opposing Agneepath without any basis, without thinking. We give our views on the basis of the opinion that has come from many people, from Bana Singh ji, who is recognized as the hero of Siachen, while respecting the army.

I come from the village and you must have seen that when any boy from the village joins the army, the whole village honors him that the child of our village is going to the army today, will work for 17 years, the name of the village is illuminated. He will move forward, he will be promoted, his rank will increase, the village will be respected. Now in Agneepath, no one has to get promotion in the army, no rank rise, no long work, 6 months training and three and a half years contract, so the youth who will be recruited, will not be respected.

If there is any big decision of the government, then it is never decided immediately in a democracy, long process goes on, if there is any major change, then there is an experiment on trial basis. Opinions are invited from the people, then the government makes changes.

I want to say that if this decision was of the army, then those children whose nomination forms were filled three years ago, would have been told that now you will not have further exams, because the Agneepath scheme is to come. It was not the decision of the army. If someone does the first tweet, then who does it on Agneepath, the Prime Minister’s tweet comes. This means that even the Defense Minister has no involvement in this decision. If this was the decision of the army, then the chiefs of our three armies would come, talk to the people and say that we are implementing Agneepath. When the whole matter got spoiled, the wind in the country turned against, the fire started to spit on the firepath, the people of the country got angry, the youth came on the streets, why do the army chiefs come then? If the decision was taken, then anyone would have believed that it is the decision of the army.

Chief of Defense Staff, CDS, was made for the first time in this country, Bipin Rawat ji became the first CDS and those Bipin Rawat ji talked about increasing the age of officers, but he gave an interview to a news agency and said in the interview that today average Life spam has increased, today physically human being has become more fit and that’s why Bipin Rawat ji said that soldiers who retire at 15 or 17 years in the army, their retirement age should be 58, which will give an experienced soldier and younger age. By retiring in retirement, the burden of pension will be reduced. This is General Bipin Rawat ji, the first CDS, this is his interview given to the news agency, in that he clarified.

Two things are important in the army. When any soldier goes to recruit, two things are important. One is the physical exam and the other is the medical test. In 2020, the advertisement came that whoever wants to work in defense youth, they should fill their form. Thousands of youth of this country filled the forms, they run on the road, they were doing push ups to stay physically fit and after filling their form in 2020, their exams were taken in 2021 first and second week of February. Physical fitness and medical, and thousands of youth have cleared the physical test, passed the medical test and after that they were issued this admit card. Sent them the admit card that you have passed the physical and medical test. Naturally, these children, who prepared for it, took coaching classes, took loans and spent money from here and there, spending at least three-four lakh rupees annually, reaching the admit card. All that was left to them was that the further process should end and these children should be recruited in the army. It is put on the website in ‘2021’ that your further procedure is now stopped, but further you keep watching the website, your further procedure will be terminated. At the same time, we would have told that now we are not going to take you, we are bringing Agneepath. No, these children kept watching the website, kept waiting that they have medical and physical passes, I am going to the army. Many also got respect in the village and then this decision comes that means, you have lived 3 years, from 2020 to 2022, after facing all the hardships, physical, medical

Passed the test, will not even enlist you in the army. Now you too have to just go to Agneepath, 6 months training and three and a half years job and return home after job. So this is sheer injustice. The government is saying that we will alternately accommodate the children who will be missed. I want to give you some figures, which are the current situation.

In Government of India, for Ex-Army Men, 10 percent reservation for Ex-Servicemen is in Group C and 20 percent in Group D. Despite this reservation, only 1.29 percent in Group C and 1.66 percent in Group D have been taken. What is the meaning of reservation, when today even after having reservation, we are giving one percent now. CAPF is 10 percent reservation for ex army men, but how much is taken in group C – 0.47 percent and in group D 0.87 percent, which means not even one percent. These figures are government figures. There are 94 Central Public Sector Undertakings, who say that they will not take PSUs also, 14.5 percent and 24.5 percent reservation is for ex army men. But how much do they keep in group C, only 1.15 percent and in group D 0.3 percent.

It is being told to the youth of the country that you will also be replaced by an alternative. My direct question is that now a country in this world, where one has to go to the compulsory army, no one goes there volunteering, there they say that they are taking it for short term and why don’t they see that Ukraine and Russia war It is going on and in the war between Ukraine and Russia, experts have agreed that the soldier who was in full service for a long time, his performance was much better than the soldier who came in short term job. Our fight is with China, China has entered our border, BJP MPs themselves have said this on their Twitter, at that time it is playing with the security of the nation.

I have read properly the note given by the government on Agneepath scheme, but after that my belief became stronger that Agneepath scheme should be withdrawn because “No security, No rank, No pension, Agneepath is there, there is only one tension”. ”

Agneepath scheme should be withdrawn, if they want to do it, then come, talk in Parliament. Try running a pilot project somewhere. Those children who have worked hard for three years should be recruited regularly in the army. I request the Prime Minister to immediately withdraw the Agneepath scheme. These are some of our demands.

Please include my thoughts in the minutes of today’s meeting.