New cultivation of trellis system doubles profit on vegetables


(Dilip Patel)
Gujarat’s vegetable crop is currently in 97 thousand hectares in the summer of 2022. Vegetables were grown in 1.84 lakh hectares last winter. Vegetables were grown in 2.66 lakh hectares in the last monsoon. In this way, in the year 2022, vegetables were planted in 4.5 lakh hectares.

Vegetables are mostly grown on vines. Diseases, pests, animals, animals, sunlight, floods cause heavy damage to the scattered land. But to prevent this loss, farmers have left traditional farming and adopted new technology trellis system, now the crops will not be damaged by wild animals and floods.

Many farmers have switched from traditional open farm methods of farming to the trellis system. In which the vegetables of the vine are lifted from the ground with the help of a rope and kept in a net on the pole. This method is good for vine crops like Bhindi, Bitter gourd, Dudhi, Galka.

11 lakh pigs, lakhs of pigeons, rabbits, sun exposure, flood animals destroy crops in the fields. Farmers are fed up with animal attacks. Animal attacks or frequent floods cause great damage.

What is Trellis System?
The farmers of Gujarat call it maida cultivation. Which is good for the vines. To keep vegetables above ground, a trellis system is used in which the vegetables hang at least five to six feet above the ground. This system only prevents wild animals from spoiling their yields.

Waterlogging does not harm the vegetables. Even strong sunlight does not directly affect the plant.

Flood water entering the field causes damage to the crop.

Attacks by insects and wild animals are rare. The rate of production increases. Weeding is also easy in this system. Which is difficult in open fields when crops are grown.

5x returns in 80 days

Trellis are made using nylon and plastic ropes, welded wire cement poles, bamboo, wood. It costs about Rs 30,000 to set a net on one acre of bamboo. This investment can earn up to Rs 1,60,000 in 75-80 days. Good yields are obtained when vegetables are grown on the net, when they are grown on the ground they tend to rot. Because insects harm them. Profits doubled.