New variety of soft wheat bread discovered

3 may 2022

Scientists have developed a new variety of wheat. Its flour is used to make soft bread. tastes good. A new variety called ‘PBW-1 Chapati’ has been invented just for special roti. This new species has evolved from the genes of the old species.

In Gujarat, the bread-eating class is 90%. Everyone likes to eat soft bread. Bread made from all types of wheat flour is not soft bread. Each species has its own characteristics. Not all varieties make good flour. Gujarat wheat trout and Bhalia wheat are considered the best for softening the roti.

Scientists have also found a solution for this. A variety has been developed which makes bread soft and sweet.

The quality of this variety increases due to less outbreak of disease. Therefore, its flour is more beneficial for health. Its flour is better than other varieties. Production is less. So the bread will be expensive. Ripening in 154 days.

If any farmer of Gujarat wants to cultivate it then he can contact to Punjab Agricultural University.

sowing decreased
In Gujarat, wheat has been sown in 12.50 lakh hectares in 2022. That is, 1 lakh hectare less than last year. The Agriculture Department is expecting a crop of 3918 kg per hectare. However, the Agriculture Department has estimated a total production of 39.18 lakh tonnes in 2022. 66 kg of wheat will be harvested per person. So wheat will be imported from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab. In all these, naturally occurring Bhalia wheat is considered good to eat. If good bread is eaten, the demand for Punjab’s wheat will increase in Gujarat.