Not a single company manufactures drones in the 5000 crore drone industry in Gujarat 

Gandhinagar, 25 March 2023
In the 1930s, the British built several radio-controlled aircraft that were used as targets for training purposes. Drone technology has come a long way since then. At present the drone industry in the country is worth Rs 5,000 crore. In three years the drone service industry grew to Rs. 30,000 crores will increase and more than 5 lakh jobs will be created but not a single drone is manufactured in Gujarat.

Gujarat’s failed policy
Inaugurating the National Conference on Drone Technology in Ahmedabad, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel clearly said that under the direction of Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai, Gujarat has always made successful efforts to remain on top and move forward in every field. He was speaking at the inauguration of the Drone Mantra Lab and the National Conference on Drone Technology organized by the State Government’s Labor Skill Development and Employment Department, Skill University – The Skill.

The state government has also planned to start various training through Kaushalya Vishwavidyalaya’s School of Drones to promote it. Drone pilot training has been arranged in 50 ITIs of the state.

False claims of Chief Minister
Drones have become the medium of door step delivery of services in far-flung areas. There is immense potential for the use of drone technology in the field of tourism, disaster, media and also in the field of surveillance and research. Gujarati has also taken the initiative of using drones for spraying medicine in the farmer’s field. New uses and research of drones will also be promoted. But the claims of the Chief Minister are not 100 percent true. Which can be understood from the following details.

In this national level conference organized by Kaushalya-Kaushal University, more than 50 industries working in the field of drones, officials of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of the Central Government, officials of the concerned departments of the country and the state in the field of drones. A total of about 400 dignitaries including government, researchers, drone startups have participated.

Kaushalya – Drone Mantra Lab by Kaushal University was inaugurated by the Chief Minister. In which drone training as well as drone manufacturing facility has also been created. Drone training can be organized in all talukas. There will also be an opportunity to study drone data analysis and programming courses.

Skill – Skill University was supposed to announce the launch of National Drone Hackathon but it was not announced. They will present their solutions/prototypes to the designated areas for the Hackathon. Apart from awarding the winners and runners-up in this hackathon, they were also to be given a manufacturing platform.

Now the use of drones is increasing continuously from police to delivery of goods, disaster management, security, media, agriculture, business, shoot, home delivery, toys etc.

what is the implementation
On 5 August 2022, Gujarat started using drone technology in agriculture. Using drone technology in the agriculture sector, 25 liters of water can be sprayed in one hectare area in just 20 minutes and the problem of agricultural labor can be overcome. A total provision of Rs 35 crore has been made under the Agriculture Mechanization Scheme to make the farmers prosperous. Rs 10 crore has been earmarked for promoting advanced drone technology in the agriculture sector in 2023 only for spraying nano-fertilizers and pesticides. what kind of policy is this?

The scheme plans to cover a total area of 1.40 lakh acres. Under the scheme, a maximum of Rs 500 will be given to a farmer for drone spraying per acre and a total amount of Rs 500 will be given to a maximum of five acres per land account in a financial year. 2500 will be eligible for assistance. On today’s occasion, the Chief Minister appreciated the role of the Central and State Governments in planning for the welfare of farmers, selling various crops and doubling the income of the farmers of the state.

Agricultural University

Junagadh Agricultural University organized a workshop on Application of Robotics and Drone Technology in Agriculture on 2 March 2023. Apart from experts, directors of various organizations, entrepreneurs will give in-depth guidance on the use of robotics and drone technology in agriculture. Food security, erratic rainfall and climate, shortage of agricultural labor, high cost of farming require the use of robotics and drone technology technologies to maintain the village. But what happened next?

Banas Dairy is working on such drone technology that the shepherd will handle the drone through his phone, the milk company will be able to fill the milk by keeping the drone in the drone. But it turned out to be just a dream.

show bet
A drone show was organized in Ahmedabad on 29 September 2022. In which more than 600 drones made in India prepared special figures. But the actual use of drones was avoided.

drone policy
Gujarat has made a drone policy on 10 August 2021. Drone manufacturers, users, pilots and co-pilots will have to register themselves on the Digital Sky platform and obtain a unique number.
And follow the demarcation area given in the drone air space map prescribed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. drone traffic

The Gujarat Police has the power to prosecute criminal activities such as regulation and related accidents or violations of law.

Will be The state government has also constituted an empowered committee of eight senior secretaries under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary, Home Department, for the implementation of the drone policy. Speaking on the occasion, he also assured that the government would make serious efforts to increase private and public sector investment in production, testing, training and research of drones. As a drone business and service provider, 25 thousand people can get direct and indirect employment. According to estimates, in the year 2021, about 5 lakh people will get employment opportunities in India. Can play an important role in many areas like agriculture, environmental protection, electricity, water.

buy india
India’s neighbors China and Pakistan both have armed drones. India is going to get 18 armed Predator drones MQ 9A (MQ 9A) from the US. This American drone is being described as the most powerful drone in the world. With its arrival, India’s strength will increase in the Indian Ocean, which will curb China’s activities. The Navy had earlier stated the need for 30 drones, the cost of which was estimated at $ 3 billion. However, this number has been reduced to 18 after a review by the Chiefs of Staff Committee.

India currently has two Sea Guardian drones on lease, which are due to expire early next year. Although it is likely to increase. The Indian Navy also used Sea Guardian drones and Boeing P8I multi-mission aircraft to scan the entire 3,044 km Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China to understand China’s military preparedness. Predator armed drones can fly up to 50,000 feet for 24 hours. Hellfire is equipped with air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles, which can destroy the enemy.

The Army is preparing for indigenous procurement of 80 mini Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), 10 runway-independent RPAS, 44 advanced long-range surveillance systems and 106 inertial navigation systems. They are desperately needed after the skirmishes between the armies of India and China in Ladakh and recently in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Defense Ministry had earlier approved three proposals including Helina Anti-Tank Guided Missile at a total cost of Rs 4,276 crore. Drone technology is now available to terrorists as well.

Unmanned aerial vehicle.
South Western Railway has bought 9 drones at a cost of 32 lakhs for the security and surveillance of the coach factory. Pesticide companies, security, oil companies, even their pipeline and real estate companies are using drones in large projects. The use of drones has started for surveillance

The need for drones is increasing now. Work is being done on disaster management, security, media, agriculture, business, shoot, home delivery, toys. The market of drones is going to grow a lot in India as well. After the new drone policy released in July 2021, the weight of the drone has been increased from 300 kg to 500 kg. India’s drone market is witnessing a lot of activity after the liberalized drone policy. Like the US, the Indian government is more likely to allow the use of drones for supply chain e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has made rules regarding drones. A drone cannot be flown without a trained drone pilot. For this, DGCA has recognized 13 flying academies in the country to train drone pilots. On the basis of the certificate, the drone pilot can get a job anywhere or can also start his own business.

Drone startup companies with annual sales of Rs 2 crore will benefit from PLI, while drone component companies with annual sales of Rs. 50 lakhs, they will get this benefit. While for large companies (non-MSMEs), this amount has been kept at Rs 4 crore and Rs 1 crore for manufacturing drones and drone components, respectively. For a foreign company these amounts are 8 crores and 4 crores respectively. A company can take a maximum incentive of Rs 30 crore in three years. By 2026, this drone manufacturing and components sector will increase to 1.8 billion i.e. about 15 thousand crore rupees.

Those weighing 250 grams or less will be called nano drones. Micro or mini drones with more weight will need to comply with regulations other than UID. According to the new rules, micro drones weighing 250 grams to 2 kg, small and large drones weighing 2 kg to 25 kg, drones weighing 25 kg to 150 kg and above should have RFID/SIM, GPS, RTH in addition to UID plate. (return) to home) and anti-collision lights will need to be installed. However, only ID plates will be required on unmanned model aircraft weighing more than 2 kg. Also, now only trained drone pilots can fly drones weighing more than 250 grams.

Restricted Area
Permission required from local authorities – In restricted areas nano and micro drones can be flown in enclosed or covered areas with the permission of local authorities. Drones cannot be flown from a moving vehicle, ship or aircraft. Nano drones can fly at a height of 50 feet and other drones can fly at a height of 200 feet. No drone will be allowed to fly in and above the five km radius of the airport. Flying drones within 50 km of international borders is prohibited. Can fly only up to a horizontal distance of 500 meters from the coast. Military establishments and places as prescribed by the Ministry of Home Affairs

500 meters or more from police stations

Prior permission will be required when flying drones over environmentally sensitive areas, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
Operation of Drones in Green Zone No permit and pilot license is required for non-commercial use of micro and nano drones. It allows a payload of up to 500 kg so the drone can be used as an unmanned flying taxi.
Apart from this, foreign ownership of companies operating drones has also been allowed.

120 crore help in 3 years
In September 2021, the Center approved a production-linked incentive scheme for drones and their components. The government has allocated Rs. 120 crore (spread over three financial years) has been set aside. If the manufacturers of drones and essential components take advantage of this scheme, they will get an incentive of up to 20%. Along with the allocation, the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme was also approved.

The drone market in India is growing rapidly.
In five years from 2022, the country’s drone industry will be worth 50 thousand crores. With this, 10 thousand people are expected to get employment in the next 3 years and about 20 thousand people in 5 years. Smit Shah is the director of Drone Federation of India. Currently the drone industry is worth Rs 5,000 crore. The government estimates that in 5 years it will become an industry worth 15 to 20 thousand crores. The industry believes that by 2026 it can reach a turnover of Rs 50,000 crore.

India Drone Festival 2022 was organized. In the next three years the drone service industry will grow to Rs. 30,000 crore and is expected to generate more than 5 lakh jobs. Drone manufacturing industry grows to Rs. 5,000 crore direct investment can be seen. The government expects the industry to create 10,000 direct jobs.
If we talk about BIS research, then the global market of drones is worth $ 28 billion. Now it is believed that it may increase to 8.45 percent and it will increase further in the Asian continent.

Status of drone market in India?
India’s share in the global market is 4.25 per cent and India is also importing a lot. India’s drone market could reach $1.21 billion by 2021. India’s drone and counter-drone market could reach $40 billion by 2030.

Ratan India Enterprises has acquired 60 per cent stake in Throttle Aerospace Systems Pvt Ltd (TAS), India’s leading drone manufacturing company.

Mumbai-based Ideaforge Technology has become India’s largest indigenous company to manufacture drones. It is the unmanned aircraft system market leader in the country with more than 50% market share. The Indian Armed Forces are developing drones for police and internal security needs. More than 90 percent of the company’s earnings are from government purchases.

In 2009, the country’s first autonomous drone was launched. In 2022, he has made tremendous profits. In the first 6 months of FY2023, the company has posted Rs. 140 crores and its net profit is Rs. 45 crores, including an operating profit margin of 44.5%. The company has grown 10 times in two years.

top drone companies in india

Infoage India
In line with InfoEdge India’s plans to enter the drone industry, InfoEdge India has invested and bought stake in Skylark Drones, a startup working to create infrastructure for the global drone ecosystem.

Zomato Limited
Zomato is a multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company established in 2008 and listed on the Indian stock market in July 2021. The company is betting heavily on drone technology for food delivery to make the delivery process faster and more efficient. TechEagle was acquired to build a hub-to-hub delivery network using hybrid multi-rotor drones, which rolled out in June last year.
DGCA’s BVLOS has tied up with several startups and giants like Vodafone Idea to work on the sandbox.

Paras Defense & Space Technologies
Paras Defense is closely working on drone technology and has partnered with foreign UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) manufacturers. Working on drone parachutes and other aerospace technologies.

Zen Technologies Limited
Established in 1993, Zen Technologies is a small-cap drone-tech company based in India. They are working on heavy lift logistics drones, and their anti-drone system works on drone detection, classification and passive surveillance to neutralize threats through tracking, camera sensors and jamming drone communications. For the supply of CUAS i.e. Counter Unmanned Aircraft System from the Indian Air Force, Rs. 1.6 billion orders received.

Ratan India Enterprises
Ratanindia Enterprises Limited is the flagship company of the Ratanindia Group for its new age development businesses and a public listed company in India. In September 2021, Ratanindia Enterprises announced the launch of its drone business with its wholly owned subsidiary NeoSky India Ltd.

DCM Shriram Industries
DCM Shriram Industries is another top drone company in India working on drone technology. In August 2021, Indian company DCM Shriram Industries announced the purchase of 30% stake in a Turkish drone manufacturer, where the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) maker Zyron Dynamics receives foreign investment of $1 million from India.