Grandpa’s (DADA) bulldozer against the sea

Ahmedabad, 29 March 2023
When Vishva Hindu Parishad ex. secretory and historian Vid K Shastri turned 100, he presented plans to the Narendra Modi government to publicly develop Dwarka at Tagore Hall in Ahmedabad in 2002. Nothing happened in 20 years. Now justice is being done with Dada’s bulldozer. After the construction of the Signature Bridge, the land prices have skyrocketed here. Because it is not a religious place but a tourist place is being made here. Reliance has proved this. Dhanraj Nathwani, Vice Chairman of Dwarkadhish Devasthan Committee and Group President of Reliance Company, tweeted on his Twitter to draw the attention of the system that there are many illegal constructions in and around Jagat Mandir of Dwarka, to which he tweeted. 5 JCB bulldozer machines were purchased. Yogi Adityanath also reached Dwarka for campaigning.

On March 28, 2023, the Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel (DADA) visited the demolition site of Bet Dwarka. Bet Dwarka is an island and can be reached by boat at a distance of 4 km from Okha. In Bet Dwarka, 520 illegal constructions covering over 1 million square feet were demolished with bulldozers in 22 days. The Chief Minister announced the early completion of the work of the under-construction Signature Bridge. He said that the campaign to curb illegal activities will continue.

1600 kms from Gujarat. No illegal activity will be done on the long sea line. It has been resolved to ensure strict security of all these beaches.
These strict measures are being taken for the internal and external safety and security of the coastal areas. Illegal pressures have been dealt with and strict measures have been taken. No illegal activity shall be carried out on the maritime strip.

The land has been cleared by removing the structures which were not there earlier. Most of the Muslim community had temples and houses and shops of Muslims. However, the Prime Minister congratulated Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel for stress relief operation in Bet Dwarka instead of other activities.

Launched from 1 October 2022. Section 144 remained in force in Bet Dwarka for the first three days. There are protests, clashes and violence when illegal constructions are demolished, but there has been no incident of violence in Bet Dwarka.

Bet Dwarka Island has an area of 25-30 square kilometers and consists of three villages. Currently there are around 7,600 Muslims and 1,350 Hindus living in Bet Dwarka.

The Revenue Department and the Police Department have jointly conducted a survey and taken action to demolish commercial and residential, unknown and illegal constructions. The religious shrines were in abandoned places, dangerous to internal security, and have been destroyed. Notice was given earlier.

10 lakh feet of land cleared
On the first day, about 2 dozen commercial structures were removed and more than 80 thousand feet of land was exposed. Ferry service was suspended. On the sixth day, illegal encroachment on 2 lakh 40 thousand feet of rural, pasture and sea land was broken with bulldozers at a cost of seven crore rupees. 1000 policemen from three districts have been deployed on security arrangements with tear gas, weapons and lathis. The operation was carried out in utmost secrecy and with caution. Illegal construction spread over 10 lakh square feet in Harshad Gandhi will be demolished.

Controversy of Tourism Minister
Bet Dwarka has seen a huge jump in land prices ever since the foundation stone of the Signature Bridge bridge was laid. The cost of an acre of land which was Rs 4 lakh about five years ago has now become Rs one crore. At present there are only a few places for tourists to stay for the night in Bat Dwarka. In which social wadi, guest house and tent site made by a private company have been developed on the beach.
Purnesh Modi, BJP leader from Surat and Minister for Tourism and Devasthanam Yatradham Development and Civil Aviation, Government of Gujarat, had made a controversial tweet about the incident. However, later he deleted this tweet. Purnesh Modi wrote in this tweet, “Most of the Muslim families of Bet Dwarka belong to Pakistan. The father-in-law of the daughters of most of the families are in Pakistan. And the father-in-law of many daughters of Pakistani Muslims are in Pakistan.” Bat Dwarka.” Another tweet – “Satellite map of 2005 shows only 6 dargahs inside Bat Dwarka. While the satellite map of 2022 shows about 78 dargahs, dargahs and mosques at the site, built on the coast. This is the main focus of the antagonist. national activity. Part.” 3rd tweet – “Bet Dwarka was a major religious place of Okhamandal, whose main temple was managed under the supervision of Vadodara State. The management and protection of Bet Dwarka was entrusted to the Vader Kshatriyas of the Gaekwad kingdom.” Fourth tweet – “90% of the boats going from Okha to Dwarka Bet belong to the Muslim community. They charge four times the fare during Hindu festivals, so that Hindus cannot visit ancient temples.”
Later he deleted all these tweets.

Shankaracharya Sadanand Saraswati of Dwarkapeeth also appreciated the performance of the government.

Vote bank is also good
BJP is trying to polarize Hindu votes in Saurashtra with such incidents. Hindus in India have anti Muslim mentality but not in Saurashtra. Bulldozers are running on such structures on the sea coast of Dwarka and Porbandar, Diu, Okha, Somnath after the 2022 assembly elections.

BJP candidate
Prabhu Manek contested the Gujarat Assembly elections in 1990 and 1995 and as an independent in 1998 and as a Congress candidate in 2002.

Won the election as R. Later, he switched to BJP and won elections in 2007, 2012, 2017, 2022 as BJP candidate. 25,000 Muslim votes are in his constituency from which he was winning. He visited the island 4 times during the week-long demolition.

Bet Dwarka has temples of three religions. Dwarka has a temple of Lord Krishna, a place of faith for Hindus, the Gurdwara of Mokamchand, one of the five beloved men of Sikhism who became Mokam Singh along with Guru Nanak, and the shrine of the Muslim saint Haji Kirmani. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, the residents of Bat Dwarka hid in this dargah to avoid rockets and bombers. There have not been many such wars in India.

What is the importance of history?
Bet Dwarka consists of about 8 islands, two of which have temples of Lord Krishna. Dwarkapuri was submerged in the sea only 36 years after the Mahabharata. This magnificent city of 9000 years old was submerged in the sea 4000 years ago. Dwarka is a 9000 year old city. There is also talk of this legendary city sinking into the sea as the water level rose up to 400 feet after the ice age. It Was a prosperous city.
The name of the bat Dwarka was Shankhodhar. Antaradvipahat in the meeting of Mahabharata. Yadavas had to use boats to go to Dwarka. Conch shells are found in large numbers. The evidence found in the sea indicates the time of the Indus civilization after the Harappan civilization. It is related to the Maurya dynasty. Kushdweep was part of the region. Dwarka is mentioned in the AD year. 574 were found in the copper plate.
Ancient legends say that Mira worshiped Lord Krishna here and got absorbed in his idol.

Maratha king villain
During the rebellion in 1857, the Tigers fought against the British and captured Betadwarka. Then the British and the Marathas won back the island in 1859 through a joint army fighting against the Gujarati tigers. Pottery and other objects of the Harappan culture have been found near the shrine of Sidi Bawa Pir. Is. A 580 m long defensive wall dating back to 1500 was found. A Harappan seal, an inscribed jar and a copper fishing hook have been found. Remains of ships and stone anchors have been found, suggesting ancient Indo-Roman trade relations. The temples on the island date back to the late 18th century.

More than 100 houses, mostly Muslim fishermen, have been destroyed in Gujarat’s Harshad port. The bulldozer demolition drive also removed some religious places and commercial structures on claims that they were illegal.

Gujarat is big enemy
The Gujarat High Court dismissed the fishermen’s petition after the Gujarat government assured them of rehabilitation.

Most of the poor Muslims were fishermen. The same pattern is being followed in many parts of the country after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was praised for popularizing bulldozer justice. Where houses of mostly poor families are demolished on the charge of illegal construction. The track record of displacement and resettlement in our country is a matter of great concern, mostly affecting marginalized communities. When a home is destroyed, meager financial compensation cannot bring back what is being lost. When a home is destroyed, people are displaced not only physically but also culturally, emotionally and economically. It is beyond comprehension what effect such devastation has on the education of the children of such families. The government and we applaud and remain silent despite the bulldozers wreaking havoc on dignity and basic human rights. The government should provide houses and places of business to the homeless. Otherwise the poor may become more penniless and criminal.

Due to action by the government
On 26 December 2021, when the Sunni Waqf Board presented its claim on two islands of Bet Dwarka located in Dwarka, the city of Lord Krishna in Gujarat, the Gujarat High Court asked how you can claim Krishna city. The Sunni Waqf Board staked its claim on the two islands of Bet Dwarka in Devbhoomi Dwarka. The judge dismissed the petition. The High Court said that the petition should be amended and filed again.(translated by google from Gujarati)