One million children and women in Gujarat may suffer from malnutrition in Korona time

Gandhinagar, 10 April 2020
Midday Meal Scheme is demanding advance mid day mill for all primary school children.
51 lakh children are enrolled in 32891 primary schools in Gujarat. Comes from a very poor family. At present, all schools are closed due to the epidemic called Covid 19. These kids were having lunch at school. Can’t find due to lock down.
Government of India has ordered payment of food grains and cultivation costs from 16-3 to 29-3. But no arrangement has been made for the mid-day mill since March 30.
The aim is to prevent the deaths from malnutrition and hunger in children.
All children should be ordered to pay the food and cooking expenses of Mid Day Mill in advance of one month (April) immediately.
Every child should be included in the Annual Brahman Yojana.
Demand for action on elimination of malnutrition has been reported by Mujahid Nafis of Right to Education Forum.
According to information released in the Gujarat Assembly, the increase in malnutrition in 2020 has created a worrying picture of Gujarat. Due to corona, malnutrition will increase if 35 to 40 million children and not enough women get proper food. Thus, 80 million to 10 million people without adequate nutrition can now have a big problem for 4 million children and 6 lakh women together.
As of December 2019, the number of malnourished children has increased by 2.41 lakh. As of December 2019, 3.8 lakh children are malnourished in Gujarat.
The figure was 1.42 lakh in July-2019. 600 crores a year is being spent on malnutrition which is going to be wasted in corona.
During July-December 2019, the highest number of malnourished children grew in Banaskantha, where 22,194 children were added.
Anand is second with 26,021 malnourished children. In July-2019 the figure was 19995.
Tribal area Dahod 22,613, Panchamahal 20,036 and Vadodara 20,806 and Kheda of Central Gujarat 19,269 create a worrying picture.
Gujarat Women and Child Development Minister Vibhavari Dave presented these figures in the assembly. Which shows that BJP’s victory rupani government has failed to maintain the health of the children. Now the situation of these children and women in Corona is about to get worse.