Government figures say corona patients are low, why there is curfew in Ahmedabad, the figure is hidden

Ahmedabad, 20 November 2020
In Ahmedabad, another three-day curfew – lock is imposed on people. Gujarat BJP’s Vijay Rupani say that the number of corona patients has not increased in 7 days. People are asking why 6 million people are harassed if the number of patients does not increase. The reality is that the government is hiding the number of corona patients in Ahmedabad.

The figures shown prove to be only 10 per cent. The Rupani government is hiding data of patients in home and private hospitals. People are questioning the decision of the BJP government. The picture is emerging that the government is trying to confuse people by playing data games.

According to government data, if the corona cases have not increased in the last six days, then why is the curfew imposed?

Politicians are using officials to give false figures to expose lies.

Such false figures have been shown in 6 days from 14 November to 19 November.

More than 200 cases have been reported every day since 198 cases occurred in the city on 14 November. Of these, 230 cases were reported in the city on 19 November. Meaning 1265 cases have been reported in the city in these 6 days. While 1233 patients have been discharged.

Cases and leave reported in the city in the last 6 days

Date case

14 November 198
15 November 202
16 November 210
17 November 218
18 November 207
19 November 230
Total figure 1265

The Ahmedabad Civil Hospital complex has a total of 400 Kovid beds in addition to the 1200-bed Kovid Hospital and the Kidney and Cancer Hospital. According to Civil Superintendent JP Modi, Civil is currently treating 737 patients at Kovid Hospital and another patient is being referred to Kidney and Cancer Hospital for treatment.

Private hospitals are full of 95 percent patients. As many as 72 private hospitals announced by the AMC in Ahmedabad are empty till 26 November at 9.30 am, 261 beds till 20 November.

There are 150 vacancies in Isolan ward, 56 in HDU, 23 without ICU ventilator and 32 vacancies in ICU ventilator. Out of a total of 2536 beds, 911 beds are being treated in Isolan ward, 829 in HDU, 329 in ICU and 156 on ventilator in ICU.

No notice has been placed on the homes of the people undergoing treatment in private hospitals that these houses have been separated.

In cities, the figures are hidden, but in rural and small towns, verbal instructions have been given to provide treatment without registering names.

40 are shown despite 253 deaths.
On 23 September 2020, 17 people were killed in 24 hours in Rajkot. 43 cases were found positive. Despite 253 deaths in Rajkot in the last 10 days due to corona, Tantra figures were only 30 to 40. There are allegations that the death toll in the district is being hidden. After Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot now became Wuhan.

11 death but, no death
Despite the death of 32 patients in 24 hours in Rajkot on August 2, 2020, the state government was found playing the game of hiding the death toll instead of accepting the fact. In Rajkot, 89 cases of corona were declared.
Not a single death has taken place in the Rajkot Corporation area. 11 patients were declared dead in Rajkot city by the Rajkot District Health System.

700 deaths, feer also showed 92
More than 700 people have died so far from the Corona Protocol at the crematorium in Rajkot on September 4, 2020, while the official book puts the figure at only 92.