Operation 5-Ice- will reveal the secret of the network of intelligence agencies of 5 countries, Corona

Five of the world’s most dangerous spy agencies have taken the initiative to expose China. To this end they have launched a massive operation together. Operation 5-Ice

5 Ice operation
It’s not just China’s polls that will open. But it will also tell the world what the truth is about the corona coming out of China.

Will there be success in the fight against Corona?

Intelligence agencies from five countries around the world, including the American intelligence agency CIA and the British intelligence agency MI6, are currently engaged in the largest intelligence operation. The name of this operation is ‘Operation 5-Ice’. In which no place has been given to India’s Row. Nor does the Mossad have a place.

For the first time in any intelligence operation, the agencies of these five countries have to find the answer to this question, which the whole world wants to know. The question is, what is the real secret of Corona?

The world’s largest intelligence agency, the CIA

MI-6, England’s most dangerous intelligence agency

Australia’s Secret Intelligence Service ASIS

New Zealand’s Secret Intelligence Service NZSIS

Canadian intelligence agency CSIC

Together these five evil spy agencies of the world have taken on the responsibility of exposing China. That’s where Corona comes from and what’s the secret behind it. Is it the result of a human error or a planned conspiracy by China?

China is furious that information about the intelligence operation has been leaked. It has started threatening all countries.

‘5-EYES’ is actually a network name. There is an alliance between the intelligence agencies of 5 countries. How dangerous are these agencies in the world.

This network has produced a document. An attempt has been made to find out when and how the corona virus came out of Wuhan. In this 15-page document, there are all sorts of things that open up the Chinese poll. News of the proceedings against China The document has been leaked.

The full details have come out in the Australian newspaper Daily Telegraph. China is shocked by the report. In this report of ‘5-EYES’ network, 4 sensational revelations have been made in China.