After the stoning in Jafrabad, there is still a lot of people in tension

Jafrabad, 22 May 2020

A stone has been thrown in Jafrabad of Amreli district, Gujarat. The situation worsened after the Kharwa –  fisherman community leaders decided not to pay the 2 months salary. The mob started pelting stones at the houses of Kharwa community leaders, after which senior police officials rushed to the spot.

BJP chief minister Vijay Rupani has repeatedly said that everyone has to pay a salary at the time of Koro’s lockout. But the Chief Minister does not believe anything and poor laborers are being exploited.

Stoned in Jafarabad
The house of Kharwa community leaders was stoned. The issue of cutting the salaries of sailors was stoned. As the situation became uncontrollable, the police left 8 cells of teargas. The combing started by the police was.

The mob left more than eight teargas cells to control the situation. Along with this, the police of the coast area including LCB, SOG started combing to control the situation.

There were communal riots in March 2020

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, in the Jafrabad area of ​​Amreli district, a general accident between a bike and a car took the form of a hurricane and a mob of Hindu-Muslim community came face to face and threw stones. A woman PSI of Jafrabad police station rushed to disperse the crowd in two markets. PI as well as other police personnel were pelted with stones and seriously injured. The police tried to disperse the crowd by charging light lathi.

A total of 6 persons have been arrested in this incident and a complaint has been registered against the mob of 2000. After this incident, S.P. Immediately rushed to Jafrabad. Amid tensions that erupted after mobs from both the communities pelted stones at each other amid tight religious sentiments, a tight police cordon was set up in Jafrabad today.

According to the information received, the car of a man with a fox collided with the bike of Imran Usman Mansuri of the Muslim community in the Nasdi area of ​​Jafrabad late last evening. A conspiracy was hatched by the leaders of both the communities after the accident. As many as 2,000 men from both the communities started pelting stones at each other in a mob with slogans inciting religious sentiments to the general public. When the incident was reported to Jafrabad police, the woman PSI H.H. Segalia along with the present police staff rushed to the spot. The woman insulted PSI, behaved in a nasty manner, threw stones and broke the helmet of PSI. P.D. Kalusaria’s wallet was also confiscated.

The situation had worsened. The incident was reported to other police stations and police raids were carried out. But a mob of 2,000 ransacked the area, hurling stones at police vehicles and inflicting heavy casualties. At the same time, P.I. The mob also attacked Jethwa and seriously injured his leg. Head cons. Kalsaria was also injured by stoning. Efforts were made by the police to control the situation. Yet the crowds became uncontrollable. So the mob was dispersed by force with the permission of the executive magistrate. As many as six community leaders who provoked the mob escaped. Police arrested about 50 people.