Railway to cut 50% cut travel allowance of employees

The estimated cost of traveling allowance (TA) for railway employees across the country is Rs 1,300 crore. Manju, the director of the Railway Board, has ordered the cost to be halved in view of the complaints received in this regard. Railways have also started austerity in view of declining revenue during the Corona era. Employee-officers have driven scissors over travel allowances and overtime. All the departments have been informed about this and orders have been issued to reduce the cost by 50%.

Although the management of the railway was not functioning properly, T.A. And ot The Railway Board had received a complaint alleging heavy expenditure in the name of none. Along with this, Railways have started these austerity measures. Complaints were raised that such allowances were constantly being paid in other divisions of the Board including Engineering, Commercial, Carriage and Wagon, Electric. Surprised that the cost has not come down despite the stagnation in the Corona era, the Railways has started a serious investigation in this direction.