Pooja tailor made a mask at just Rs.6

Ahmedabad, 12 April 2020

Poojaben Darji, who lives in the Chenpur area of ​​Ahmedabad city, has been doing social service by making cheap “masks” at home and has started making good and cheap masks by stopping sewing bags.

Social distancing and masks have become essential to prevent the spread of coronary disease. Doctors, nurses and other staff frequently use masks. Some states have even made it mandatory to wear masks. It is a big mistake that the government of Gujarat has not done so.

They use it as a mask by covering the mouth with a towel or other clothing. The masks made by expensive on the market. But Pujaben has made masks for only Rs.

Poojaben says, “Bargaining is my main business. I work in sewing bags. But the mask is one of the people’s biggest needs in a corona epidemic situation. The poor man could spend more money for a mask. So I made masks from Madarpat’s clothes at a modest price … ”

Pujban has so far made 2 thousand masks and given them to nearby shops, banks and others in the area. Pujban believes in distributing these masks rather than selling.