Ahmedabad has the longest flyover and elevated pool in the country, 2 lakh vehicles passing per day

Nitin Patel dcm
Nitin Patel dcm

Gandhinagar, 14 January 2021

What is Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel doing? They are focusing on Ahmedabad to build the road. SG Highway of Ahmedabad where Rs 5,000 crore has been spent along the land since the India-Pakistan war.

At a cost of Rs 17 crore, the entrance to Gandhinagar, the flyover at Uvarsad Junction, and the 10-lane road from Trimandir Adalaj.

Gujarat’s highest traffic

In April 2010, S.G. There were 81058 vehicles (PCUs) passing through the four lanes of the highway. Today, 1.90 lakh vehicles double the number of vehicles and 2 lakh vehicles pass on Monday. It is estimated that one lakh cars, jeeps, vans and rickshaws are passing by every day. 10 thousand buses pass. 50 thousand motorcycles pass. 30 thousand bicycles pass. It is the Gujarat’s highest traffic.

867 crores cost

Sarkhej-Gandhinagar-Chiloda National Highway No. 147 (SG Highway) at a cost of Rs 88 crores by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India and the Department of Roads and Buildings, Government of Gujarat. It is becoming a flyover on all the circles en route. Two of these flyovers have been started in Ahmedabad city.

4 packages

The renovation work of National Highway-144 Sarkhej-Gandhinagar-Chiloda (SG Highway) road has been divided into 4 packages in total. In addition to widening the main road from 4 lanes to 6 lanes and building new service roads, there are projects to build flyovers at 10 junctions.

3 flyovers

The third flyover has just opened. Other flyover works will be completed in three months. With the passage of time for citizens coming to Gandhinagar, security will be increased and petrol and diesel will be saved. The traffic load will also be reduced.

The first 10 km in the country Fly over

Gujarat is the only state in the country to have a flyover and a 4 km lift bridge on a 6-lane highway connecting the two cities. Gandhinagar is becoming a world class city.

VMS Smart Traffic Management

There is a lot of traffic on the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar highway. Will be able to transport faster. The project will feature a VMS-based smart traffic management system and a noise blocker on flyovers.

10 flyovers

In this project, a total of 10 flyovers in Sindhubhavan Char Rasta and Sanand Char Rasta, flyovers have been started in November 2020. Other works will be completed by July 2021. Total 10 junctions including Sola Railway route 18 including G-0 (Infocity Junction), B-0 (Sargasan Junction), Uvarsad Junction, Bridge near Khodiyar Container, Khodiyar Railway Bridge, Vaishnodevi Junction, Sola Rawat Junction to Zydus Junction. Koi Elevated Corridor, Sindhubhavan 4 Road, Sanand Junction and Ujala Junction. A total of 10 flyovers are operational. A total of 15 bridges will be built on this route.

Uversad Flyover

The length of the Uvarsad four-lane flyover is 35 meters. The approach length is 536 meters towards Gandhinagar and 580 meters towards Sarkhej. Width – 6 lanes (28 m) (13.5 m on both sides). A total of Rs 17 crore has been spent for that. Its service road length is 1151 meters (both sides) and width is 7 meters. In addition, a total of 32 street lights have been installed on the bridge and a total of 56 street lights have been installed on the service road.

10 Rasta Tri Temple Road

The total cost of constructing a 10-lane road from Tri-Mandir Adalaj to Hanumanji Temple is Rs. 2.67 crore. It is 2 km long and 20.25 m wide. SG at Adalaj on Ahmedabad-Sabarmati-Kalol-Mehsana road. A 10-lane road has been built from the highway underpass to the Tripura temple and then to the Jamiat Pura Hanumanji temple railway underpass. 3 meters in the middle of this road. A divider is also built with a wide MS mesh. This road requires road safety as well as street furniture.

Underpass by Adani

An underpass has been constructed on this highway by Adani Shantigram Township at a cost of Rs 6 crore.

Three layer traffic

Vaishnodevi Auda will be a 6 lane flyover at Ring Road Junction. An underpass is being constructed at a cost of Rs 31 crore so that the ring road can pass through this junction without any hindrance. So that the traffic passes in three layers.

13 Crore Box

Under the Sola railway overbridge, traffic passes through the Satadhar Char Road through a box towards Science City. An additional box is being built at a cost of Rs 13 crore.

The state government will construct 67 over bridges at the railway gates of the state at a cost of Rs 3400 crore. In three-four years, the Gujarat Railway Gate will become an independent state. Which will be the first gate-free state in the entire country.

This has been made possible by Nitin Patel, Minister of Roads and Buildings and Deputy Chief Minister.(Translated from Gujarati)