Population control to eliminate bonded wages: NHRC official praises emergency policy

Senior officials of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Supreme Court Judge PC Pant between 2014 and 2017 want that the population control policy initiated by Sanjay Gandhi during the Emergency days should be out of bounds to end bonded wages. . Speaking on the occasion of a virtual book release ceremony, Justice Pant had said, “During 1975-76, under a 20-point program, bonded labor and population control. The enforcement of law alone cannot eliminate the bonded labor system. Having a different view from Ambedkar, until we work on it, the bonded labor system will remain in one form or another. ”

In the national crisis, Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi’s son and late husband of Maneka Gandhi, the head of the Modi government, forcibly sterilized the poor. Campaigned aggressively all over the country for the prohibition. During the ‘crisis’ regime of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in 1975-77, following the insistence of Sanjay Gandhi, a large number of forced sterilization operations were carried out, especially in the Hindi speaking states. Such was the anti-people policy in the context of family planning. The policy which has been under criticism for years has now been praised by the officials of the Human Rights Commission.

The growing population nullifies all efforts to eradicate poverty, which is the root cause of bonded labor, child labor or other forms of forced labor and trafficking.

In Lokdown, thousands of anxious men, women and children traveled hundreds of kilometers on foot or barefoot highways to avoid the hunger and starvation they had encountered. The heart-wrenching images of these people had become a cause of pain, suffering and trouble for everyone through electronic media in our bedroom.

The children are still in bondage. Even after five decades of the Declaration of Human Rights and our Constitution, recognizing human bonding as a serious crime, there has still been no decline in bonded labor cases, leaving generations of marginalized families to bear the brunt. has given. System and state failure.

Not only did we repeatedly confront those who hired and exploited children, but also had to struggle against the mindset that considered child labor an ideal. The Corona epidemic has also exposed the deep inequalities faced by the most marginalized sections of our society, which maintain bond. Dr. This book written by Mishra is a valuable one for his dazzling creations which inspired the abolition of slavery in the world.