Kashmiri red plum cultivation, demand in Gujarats’s big cities

Gandhinagar, 17 October 2020

There are 40 types of plum available in Gujarat market. But Kashmiri red apple plum is in high demand. Its taste and qualities are like apples. Plum production up to 60-100 kg is found in a tree. Farmers get 10 kg 300 to 450 rupees. Demand is good in Ahmedabad, Surat, Delhi. Farming does not require much attention.  Red color, shape, aroma, taste, sweetness, weight are 70-80 grams. Gujarat can sell Rs 8 lakh per hectare, it is estimated that there are 25 thousand hectares of plum in the country and 1900 hectares in Gujarat. In which now the cultivation of red apple plum has started. Hence there is less area.

Planted in Una

Farmer Nitin Malviya of Khapat village of Una, Junagadh, planted 6500 plum plants in 53 bighas. Plum started being found from the first year itself. There was a good harvest in the third year. 3.90 lakh kg. Can occur in hot weather. Grown in Bengal, Bundelkhand, Rajasthan as well. In Maharashtra, some farmers started farming in 2013.

Hybrid Apple Plum

Hybrid yield is. The Thai berry costs twice as much. It is manufactured by High Lab Technique Genetic Bio Plant System. It takes 450 sowing per acre. A plant gives 10 kg from the first year, 50 kg in the second year and 100 kg in the third year. Prices range from Rs 35 to Rs 50. It lasts for 50 years. Remains 7 to 15 feet high.

Inter Pak Intercrop

Kashmiri red apple can have temperatures up to 50 degrees. Crops like peas, peppers, fenugreek, mugs can be grown in the garden.

The elements

There is a treasure trove of antioxidants. Prevents cancer cells from growing. It works for weight loss because it does not contain calories. Vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium are found in sufficient quantity in it. Works to improve the immune system. It is also a beneficial option to solve liver problems. The skin glows for a long time. It also contains anti-aging agents. Beneficial in constipation. Improves digestion. Adequate amounts of calcium and phosphorus are found. It makes teeth and bones strong.

Animal feed

Its leaves are rich in protein and are therefore good for livestock. Goats eat well-laid leaves.

40 species of plum

There are 350 types of plum in India. There are 40 types of plum in Gujarat. There is also a lot of ber in the forests of Barda. Plum cultivation started with gram plum. Khejdi, Gunda, Peelu and Garbage species were developed in India. India’s plum cultivation has gone to Africa, Israel, Latin America. The traders of Gujarat took away in South Africa.