More milk worth Rs 3,000 crore will be available through animal embryo testing in a kit called Preg-D

Gandhinagar, 16 August 2020

Scientists at the National Dairy Research Institute and the Central Buffalo Research Institute, Hisar, have developed a kit to examine cows and buffaloes. The kit will examine the animal’s uterus in just 30 minutes. Pregnancy can be detected by urine test kit, Preg-D. Up to 10 animals can be tested with one kit. After in 18-21 days it will be known whether the animal has a fetus or not. The test has a 90 percent success rate. The price will be less than Rs 20. Cooperative dairies of Gujarat are preparing to provide such equipment to their customers.

How does it work?

There has been great success in obtaining a particular type of protein in urine during pregnancy. The animal will heat and cool urine and some chemicals. Another chemical will be added. If it changes color, the animal will be considered pregnant.

What’s the matter now?

There are many problems in animal husbandry, including pregnancy of cows or buffaloes. Most farmers do not know whether their cow or buffalo are pregnant. It has to be investigated. In which time and money have to be spent. Examining the uterus is a major challenge. Wait 60 to 70 days.

Milk production will increase

Currently, people estimate by looking at the characteristics of the animal, but sometimes their guesses are incorrect. Thus, if the animal does not conceive for 70 days, then it comes late milk of 70 days. If an animal gives 14 liters of milk per day, it has to lose 1000 liters of milk. Loses 25 to 35 thousand rupees. Once given a dose of sperm, 10–15 percent of such animals are not fertilized. According to this, there are one crore dairy animals in Gujarat. 1 million animals do not conceive on time. Therefore, milk worth Rs 3,000 crore has to be lost. The kit will increase milk production by Rs 3,000 crore.

An animal gives milk of 1.25 lakh rupees

Milk costs Rs.730 per kg of fat. An animal gives milk ranging from Rs.1.28 lakh to Rs.2 lakh in a year. Half of which is spent on animal food.


Rasik Patel, a farmer from Vadrad village in Prantij taluka of Sabarkantha district in Gujarat, says that when cattle are warm, they cut the milk and give less milk. Thin fluid is released from the vagina. The animal is kept upright for two hours after conception. Then the sperm reaches the uterus. If the pregnancy fails, the animal returns to heat after 15 to 21 days. Again shows the same symptoms. The doctor checks 3 months after. The doctors examine  by wearing gloves and putting her hands in her vagina. It is then revealed whether the animal is pregnant or not. Till then let’s go on guessing. Gives 9 months cow and 10 months buffalo calf. Now technique has come if he just wants to give birth to a female buffalo. A female buffalo is born. The price of such dose from Rs 300 to Rs 500.