Question on government’s Corona discharge policy, sick-old people win ‘war’ and thus lose their lives

Amidst the coronavirus epidemic, the government’s policy of recovering and discharging patients from hospitals is proving difficult for many patients. Especially for Corona’s already sick-elderly. Many patients who were discharged after failing a corona test are now going through other infections and problems.

The city of Mumbai has also reported a number of cases where a patient died due to discharge. The central government’s discharge policy is ignoring their weak bodies and other problems.

73.23 lakh cases and 36 lakh patients have been cured in the world. In India, as many as 13,000 new cases.
There have been 22,562 cases of coronavirus in the state of Gujarat, out of which 15,501 have been cured. 10,900 cases have been recovered in Ahmedabad. 2.90 lakh are under treatment.

Total active cases are 5645, total mortality is 1416, total corona test is 2,78,137, quarantined people are 2,12,887. The government of India has made it a policy to give leave to a patient by declaring him early.

Notably, the Union Ministry of Health has recently issued a revised discharge policy for discharge of Kovid-19 patients from hospitals. The new policy states that such Covid-19 patients will be placed in a Covid Care facility with mild or very mild coronary symptoms. If the fever does not return for three days, such a patient is discharged from the hospital after 10 days. Prior to that, the patient does not even need any examination, however, the patient has to stay in the privacy of home for 7 days.