The differences between Amit Shah and Modi are reflected in the appointment of BJP’s Gujarat President CR Patil

Gandhinagar, 22 July 2020
Differences between Union Home Minister and Gujarat BJP leader Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have increased since Trump’s arrival in Gujarat and the Delhi riots. A direct echo can be seen in Gujarat till CR Patil was made the state president of the BJP. Right now there is not good body language between the two. If Amit Shah could have held a government meeting in Delhi, he would have met in Corona, Gujarat, but not. He have not come to Gujarat for the last 4 months or are not allowed to visit Gujarat. Also, Amit Shah was to join the Ahmedabad Rath Yatra and his fame was to reach millions. Advocates had already announced to the High Court that preparations had been made to carry out the rath yatra. But suddenly the Rath Yatra was ordered to be canceled. The reason for this is the distance between the two Delhi leaders.

Amit Shah did not welcome the appointment
Gujarat BJP chief Chandrakant Patil is not with Amit Shah. He also does not like Amit Shah. That is why he has been appointed by Narendra Modi. Amit Shah has not welcomed the appointment of CR Patil. This is a very big sign. When he tweets about the Rath Yatra, at least he can tweet for his home state.

Yellow face of chief minister
When CR Patil was appointed, he turned a face when he made a statement of the Chief Minister of Gujarat to welcome his appointment. There was no joy on his face. Usually, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani does not see a  face like this when he talks of politics. Also, when ex state BJP precedent  Jeetu Vaghani gave a welcome statement in front of the camera, he was also confused. One by one they used to speak again and again. Not a single question was asked by a single journalist. He told in front that the reporters did not ask any questions when he asked.

Dispute from December 2019
All these signs are moving towards a wide gap between Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. CR Patil’s appointment was unacceptable by BJP’s Amit Shah group. The names given by his group in December 2019. However, the name was not released. The obvious reason is that Prime Minister Modi did not agree with the name that was fixed. So the appointment was to be completed in December, but it did not happen. Appointed in July 2020 after six-seven months. The name that has emerged is an unimaginable name for Amit Shah group. Now, when there will be a change in Gandhinagar, the name that Amit Shah group would not have imagined.

Shah will disappear from the coast of Tapi
Given the way Amit Shah has emerged on the national stage in 14 months, it would not be wrong to say that he has shown his independent personality apart from Modi’s shadow. This shadow is now disappearing off the coast of Tapi, the daughter of Sun Tapi river of Surat.