Rupani’s decision to provide free food to 30 million middle class people

At the video conferencing cabinet meeting, more than 60 lakh APL-1 ration card holder families of the state ie 2.50 to 3 crore middle class people will be given free food grains. All the holders who did not get food grains under NFSA under the National Food Security Act will be given free of cost to middle class people at 10 kg wheat, 3 kg rice, 1 kg pulses and 1 kg sugar free government approved cheap grain shops in April.

Gujarat has started providing food grains in the first four days of April, taking initiative across the country.

Up to 3.40 lakh poor families – cardholders who till now only get sugar and salt every month. They are provided free of cost of wheat, rice and pulses.

5 lakh people are being provided free food in the Annabhram scheme for the very poor, the laborers, workers from other province-states, who do not have ration cards.
The exact dates of delivery will now be announced.

CM Secretary Ashwini Kumar said.