Scam of 535 bighas of land worth Rs 9 thousand crore in Gandhinagar

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, 18 August 2023

A scam took place on 535 bighas of land worth about 9 thousand crores in Koteshwar village situated on the border of Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad city. The land of Koteshwar Mahadevhas been sold by the saffron government claiming to be a Hindu.

In the first phase of the scam, 221 bighas of three survey numbers and in the second phase 314 bighas of new survey number 247, 535 bighas of land were given to Koteshwar Temple Trust. Government land was privatised. That land came to God. Then the land is being sold to a big industrial house in Gujarat. An appeal in that regard has been placed before the Gandhinagar Collector. The government land was sold, but the Sabarmati river was also sold to this businessman. Now, out of the same land, 2 lakh square meters of land is required to be purchased by the government itself to make the riverfront of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Nita Ambani of Reliance

The Koteshwar temple is so sacred that Nita Ambani, wife of Reliance owner Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, specially came here to darshan visit. They had come to watch a cricket match at the world’s largest cricket stadium nearby. After Nita Ambani’s visit to the temple, the land prices around the Kouteshwar temple have increased 4 times. So the people of the village pray to Lord Shiva that Nita Ambani should come here often and buy land here to build an Olympic city, as the cricket stadium is nearby. Due to which the value of the land of the villagers will also increase.

Gujarat’s biggest land scam

It is being considered as the biggest land scam of Gujarat so far. Due to the involvement of a big business company in this, no one is ready to speak against it. Print and TV media owners are also silent. Politicians are silent. Social spaces are silent. The people of Koteshwar village were fighting, now many of them have become silent. The trustees of the temple are already silent. Still, there is hope that the land should remain with the village panchayat. Many people are fighting for this.

By giving an application in the collector’s office, it was claimed that the land was wrongly given. Some residents of Koteshwar village have submitted evidence-documents to the collector and demanded to get back the wrongly allotted land.

Old Survey No. 13 of Koteshwar village includes 151152 of land as well as raw and unsurveyed land and 300 bighas of Sabarmati river bank and rugged land. Attempts were made to take illegal possession of all these lands.


The Gandhinagar Mamlatdar did a big scam to make it a private property, while he knew it was government land. The Mamlatdar made every effort to falsify the official record. In which note number-1511 and 1513 were issued.


On August 31, 2018, the High Court, while accepting the petition of former Inamdar, said that the old survey number-13, 151, 152 belong to Inamdar. The area of all the three survey serial numbers ordered is large. The Inamdar Act is of 1961, it has just been implemented. To benefit someone It was claimed that double the government land has been given. The additional land was also alleged to have been wrongly measured to grab it.

DIRL did not measure

No survey has been done with the District Inspector of Land Records (DIRL) to create a new survey number. Collector’s permission will have to be taken as per rules. In this regard DIRL declared that all the records in respect of Survey No. 247 were prepared by the Mamlatdar of Gandhinagar.

Land of bean survey no.

It is recorded in the survey sheet that the land is shapeless and numberless.

The order of the court is regarding the old survey number-13, 151, 152. It does not refer to public land for other public purposes, public road, village land, Wagah-Kotar stream or coastal land. However, the court order does not mention that the prescribed portion of such lands has been allotted in Form No. 4. Though these lands were shapeless and numberless, it was claimed that the revision orders were passed stating that these lands belonged to the new Resurvey No. 247.

Though the objection was filed, it was not declared as moot.


Following the order of the High Court, the order was passed by the Mamlatdar under note number-1511. In which 564 Guntha land of Koteshwar was given to Koteshwar Mahadev in 1864. The land gram office came into effect after the Devasthan Inami Abolition Act, 1969 came into force. Which was ordered to be executed as per the order of the High Court. After this order, an amendment order was issued through note number 1513. In which the area of the land with survey-block number-247 is 745457 sq. instead of 74251722 with due effect. Against which objection was filed on 25 May 2021, but no objection has been filed. That’s why a demand was made to cancel the note in public interest. It is alleged that the Devasthan Prize Abolition Act has been misused.

High-court order

Regarding the old survey number-13, 151, 152, another application was also filed in the court. In 2018, the High Court passed an order in favor of the temple trust regarding the old survey number-13,151, 152.

Act of 1969

In 1969, the Devasthan Inam Abolition Act was implemented in Gujarat. Against which the Devasthan Trust filed a claim in the High Court in 1970, then they refused. In 1974, the Supreme Court of the country rejected the claim of the Inamdars-Trusts.

As soon as the law was amended in 1977, the case arose again.

went to the High Court and then to the Supreme Court. Therefore, the people of the village believe that the decision given by the Gujarat High Court in 2018 is not legal and should be cancelled.


221 bigha land of three survey numbers of Koteshwar was disputed. This land was named after a private trust even though it was non-numerical, khabara and gauchar. The land was given to the same trust in two phases. Another 314 bighas of land was given.

After 221 Vidha land Koteshwar Temple Trust, the land of Bigha river, Bara came into the personal account of the trust. The donation of the trustees was destroyed.

Second land was also given

Based on the August 2018 decision of the High Court, 314 bighas of land on the banks of the river was also transferred in the name of the trust.

All the land was marked without survey number in government records for many years. Kharba and river bed are given. Apart from this, there are pits and land for the flow of rain water. In which there are pit mounds.

Mamlatdar raised a new survey number 247 out of authority. Which was noted. The new survey number 74-54-57 means 184 acres of land was given in the name of the trust.

Some officials were involved in the scam. He was also a politician. Behind him was a big businessman from Gujarat. The land was given to the trust in two phases. The fake report has been given at someone’s behest.

By throwing dust in the eyes of the court, the land mafia had done a big land scam like Jamnagar. Despite all the evidence, the government machinery remained completely silent. Because he is a well-known industrialist and landlord of Gujarat. He is his own mango orchardist. Many a times he used to visit Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar in Vibrant Gujarat.

Villagers appealed against survey number 247, but no action was taken. People took further action.

River bank development

The work of Riverfront Phase-II is likely to get hampered due to land acquisition issues. To extend the riverfront up to Indira Bridge at either end of the Sabarmati River, Mun. Where the work has started on the Sabarmati coast and on the land of Koteshwar Mahadev Temple in Gandhinagar, the dispute has also started.

Riverfront Phase-II is the riverfront where the work is about to begin. In a letter written to the government on behalf of the chairman of the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation, it has been alleged that the temple trust has grabbed the land at this place by making a wrong survey number.

In August 2018, about two lakh square meters of land in Gandhinagar’s Koteshwar and Bhat villages was proposed for Riverfront Phase-II. As the work of Riverfront Phase-2 progressed, it was observed that Koteshwar Temple has acquired a new survey number 247 on river land this year. Along with this, the survey number was also included in 7/12. SRFDCL chairman Keshav Verma also became silent later. Amdavad’s riverfront company will have to buy out of 2 lakh square meters of land.

Now this land has to be bought by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for river bank development.

When the prices of land in Gandhinagar district are reaching crores of rupees, criminals have become active to grab this precious land of farmers and are creating disputes in the land by creating fake documents.

BJP’s former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel’s government, Narendra Modi’s government at the Center and officials sitting in Gandhinagar are watching all these incidents as spectators.(translated by google from Guajarati on this site)