Free treatment and operation at Bhavnagar’s Nirdosanand Hospital

Ahmedabad, 17 August 2023

Swami Shree Ashkanandji Manavseva Trust Hospital in Timbi village of Umrala taluk of Bhavnagar district does not charge patients a single rupee for treatment. There is no cash counter in the hospital. Medicine, laboratory tests, investigations, diagnosis, sonography, X-ray, cardiogram, laboratory and all kinds of medicines are provided absolutely free of cost.

From January 2011 to August 2023, 20 lakh 74 OPDs, 57 thousand operations, 9,420 free deliveries and free food have been provided to 28 lakh 50 thousand people. 25 operations are done daily in more than 1000 OPDs. Cataract, Jamar and Veil operations have been done.

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Manuben, a disciple of Swami Nishandananda Saraswati, donated land for the construction of the hospital. A hospital has been built there. 700 to 800 patients are treated daily. A trust of 8 people has been formed for management. This hospital was built on 9 January 2011 at a cost of Rs 5 crore. It costs Rs 50 lakh per month.

24 with advanced laboratory, physiotherapy, phaco machine, fetal doppler, auto refractometer, laser machine, warmer for new born babies, digital x-ray, dental x-ray, tonometer, color doppler, echocardiogram, maternity, TMT (treadmill test) Hours emergency treatment, thrombolysis for heart attack – defibrillation, monitoring etc.

Prostate, Thyroid, Appendix, Intestine, Nose, Ear, Throat, Caesarean, Cataract, Zamar, Orthopedic, Pearl, Lung, Uterine Cyst, Cyst, Appendix Thyroid, Uterus, Breast Cancer, Nose-Ear Throat Operation and Circumcision Surgery She goes.

E.N. Tea. Renowned and specialist doctors in the fields of Urologist, Physician, Radiologist, Physician, Pathologist, Orthopedic, Pediatric, Anesthetic, Ophthalmo, Ayurvedic, Audiometry are serving.

For ladies

There are 75 to 80 deliveries on an average every month. 6418 deliveries have been done. After delivery the woman is given pure ghee and flour as well as gas and utensils for making shero or raab. A box of 1.5 kg medicinal dry fruits of pure ghee is also given to take home. The Department of Obstetrics provides facilities and services for normal delivery, caesarean section, uterine cyst operation, prolapse operation, female sterilization operation, uterine tumor and testicular tumor.


On October 31, 2019, the canteen was completed at the expense of donor Dhansukh Bhai Dewani, which cost Rs 4 crore. Whose entire expenses were borne by Dhansukhbhai Devani. A total of 21 lakh people have been given free food by Grihakripa Annakshetra.

other service

Excellent accommodation and food facilities are provided to the family members of the patient. There is a cowshed in the hospital. Milk is given to sick patients. An ambulance is available at a discounted rate. Buttermilk is the center. Boiling station is operated in winter.


Till now there is no shortage of money. Substantial donations are available from donors.

2011 Khimjibhai pays Rs.5 lakh per month. 13 lifelong donors give 1 lakh rupees every month, since a decade this Swami Ashkanand Hospital is providing free service to the people. Visit to donate. Swami Shri Ashkinanandji Manavseva Hospital, Timbi, Umrala, Distt. Bhavnagar – 364320, Gujarat, India.

list of 35 donors

Honorable. Himself Manuben Lavjibhai Bhingradia – Timbi (Landlord)

Lavjibhai D. Dalia – Surat (Lifetime Donor)

Mrs. Kashiba Haribhai Goti Charitable Trust – Surat (Monthly Donor for Five Years)

Vallabhbhai P. Sawhney – Surat (Lifetime Donor)

Shri Babubhai Shamjibhai Takthi – Mumbai (Lifetime Donor)

Vallabhbhai S. Writer – Mumbai (Lifetime Donor)

Jeevabhai Madhabhai Donda – Mumbai (Lifetime Donor)

Shri Khimjibhai K. Devani – Mumbai (Lifetime Donor)

Parshottam Bhai V. Surani – Surat (Lifetime Donor)

Government. Ramuben Govindbhai Vanani – Surat (Lifetime Donor)

Shri Dhansukhbhai Jasmatbhai Dewani – Jamnagar (Lifetime Donor)

Champaben Popatbhai Lukhi – Surat (Lifetime Donor)

Mr. Govindbhai Dholakia – Surat (Monthly donor for five years)

Mr. Laljibhai T. Patel – Surat (Monthly donor for five years)

Shri Arvindbhai B. Mawani – Belgium (Monthly donor for five years)

Mr. Manharbhai M. Kakadia – Surat (Monthly donor for five years)

Mr. Mansukhbhai M. Devani-Jamnagar (Monthly donor for five years)

Dharamshibhai Haribhai Devani – Bhavnagar (Monthly Donor for Five Years)

Late Kalyanbhai Becharbhai Devani – Mumbai (Monthly donor for five years)

H. Devkunvarben Kalyanbhai Devani – Mumbai (Monthly donor for five years)

Mrs. Krishnaben Umeshbhai Dewani – Mumbai (Monthly donor for five years)

Mrs. Pinaben Pareshbhai Dewani – USA (Monthly Donor for five years

Shri Dilipbhai Thakkar – Antwerp (Monthly donor for five years)

Shri Rajubhai K. Vaghni – Mumbai (Monthly Donor for five years)

Mr. Nagjibhai M. Sakaria – Surat (Monthly donor for five years)

Mr. Anubhai Tejani – Surat (Monthly donor for five years)

Shri Jasmatbhai N. Vidya – Surat (Monthly donor for five years)

Shree Navsarjan Pratishthan – Mumbai (Monthly Donor for five years)

Mr. Kishorbhai Koshiya – Surat (Monthly donor for five years)

Mr. Vasantlal Laxmichand Mehta – Surat (monthly for five years))

Shri Jivrajbhai Shamjibhai Gabani – Khopla (Monthly donor for five years)

Mr. Devrajbhai Mohanbhai Sheta and Nanubhai Premjibhai Monpara – Surat (Monthly donors for five years)

Mr. Manubhai Parshottambhai Lathia – Surat (statue donor for five years)

Government food

During the Corona period, Modi’s central government has set a target of providing free food grains to eight crore migrant laborers who do not have ration cards, but could deliver free food grains only to 20 lakh 36 thousand migrant laborers.

Cataract surgery is being done at Ranchoddasjibapu Charitable Hospital in Rajkot without taking any money from anyone. For more details please contact on Mo.95863 08178 or 84609 28508 or Phone 0281 245709.

Doctor’s service

Dr. Uday Modi is originally from Gujarat but lives in Mumbai. runs the clinic. Providing free food to the destitute and needy elderly people in Mira Road Bhayander area of Mumbai since 15 years. Shravan works for an organization called Tiffin Service. 500 elderly people are fed daily.

Free lunch

In Siddhpur, the serving elders have been providing free food twice a day to the patients and relatives of Civil Siddhpur for the last 4 days.


Annapurna Sanstha of Aravalli district since last 3 decades, a large number of poor patients from Rajasthan including Aravalli, Sabarkantha, Mahisagar, Kheda have been coming for treatment in public and private hospitals of Modasa. Annapurna Trust is providing hot, pure and sattvic food to needy and poor patients from outside villages. This food is delivered to the patient in the hospital through tiffin. Along with this, sub-centres for food have also been started in different areas of the city. In which nutritious food like pulses, rice, roti and vegetables are made available for just Rs 2 for the patient and the people accompanying him.


Dr.Satish Patel is providing free medical service in the health sector to the suffering, sick, poor persons in Kudsad village of Allpad taluka.

Blood donation started from 1975 and one lakh poor patients were given free medicines and treatment. 5000 patients have been treated free of cost by specialist doctors by organizing eye diagnosis camps. Free cataract operation has been done for 700 patients.