start selling bio CNG at Bio CNG Pump

start selling bio CNG at Bio CNG Pump

The government has adopted the option of cheap CNG against petrol and diesel price hikes in Gujarat. The state government wants to start the project by encouraging companies who want to produce bio CNG.

The government wants to move in this direction by creating a specific policy for bio CNG in Gujarat. A commercial project of Bio CNG is currently underway in the state. Bio-CNG sales near Sundarpura village near Anand have been started at a petrol pump of Indian Oil near Anand.

The biomass obtained from animal, especially cow feces, in this project is in the form of gas-CNG, which is being transported to vehicles as an energy source. A doctor from Ahmedabad has started organic farming. He has prepared a project in which he plans to start selling bio CNG at Bio CNG Pump. A contract has been signed with the central government to sell this CNG.

After all the tests, the operators of the CNG pump have been prepared to take the IOC gas. Organic fertilizer has been made from increased slurry after the use of this gas made from cow dung. This fertilizer is used locally in agriculture and is also exported to a country like Senegal.

An energy department official said that more such projects are needed in India. Thereby reducing the use of pesticides in the fields and ultimately improving the health of the people. This will help fight against diseases like cancer. A research lab has also been set up at the project site.

Cow farm was started near 220 Anand with about 220 cows. Bharat Biogas Energy Limited was established in 2014. Bio CNG supply has been started using cow dung. The difficulty of transportation has been resolved enough to buy the nearest petrol pump.

The Biogas Energy Administrator believes that the country needs such a green energy plant. Currently, 14,000 cubic meters of ro-gas has begun to be sold at a nearby petrol pump six km away. Now, the state government has insisted on producing such a project on a commercial basis and it is likely that a policy will be formulated.