The new Gujarat state president will be an OBC MP

Dilip Patel

Ahmedabad, June 10, 2024 (Gujarati to Gulag translation)

This time the BJP state president will once again be an OBC. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also an OBC. His first choice may be an OBC. CR Patil is an OBC leader. The new leader will be an OBC MP or MLA. BJP does not have effective leadership in North Gujarat, Central Gujarat and Saurashtra. The leader from there who can create influence in the whole of Gujarat will be made the regional president.

CR Patil, who has won the election for the fourth consecutive time since 2009, has become a minister for the first time in his 35-year political journey.

With OBC leader Chandrakant Patil becoming a minister in Dendra, his qualifications and social engineering are being considered as the new state president in his place. Patil was an OBC and this time too, OBC is looking for a state president in Delhi in his place.

Patil’s triple mistake cost him heavily

Panchmahal: 5.09 lakh

Vadodara: 5.82 lakh votes.

The name is Purnesh Modi.

The last option for NCP which is seeking a place in the cabinet in Maharashtra was to make CR Patil, a native of Maharashtra, a minister.

An MP will be the state president

There is a 99 percent chance that there will be a regional president who can take political decisions in Gujarat in collaboration with Modi, Shah and Patil in Delhi Darbar. Because the way Narendra Modi suddenly made Patil the state president, he took decisions for Gujarat by giving many complaints. The same is likely to happen this time as well. Even though secret orders were given by Modi and Amit Shah during Patil’s time, Patil did not discuss a single order publicly. Then Modi must have been looking for such an MP.

North and Central Gujarat

Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are from North Gujarat. However, there is scope in North Gujarat. Because BJP has faced defeat from there. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that the state president will be from North Gujarat.

Rajya Sabha member from North Gujarat Mayank Nayak is a fast emerging leader. His chances are the highest in the whole of Gujarat. MP from Central Gujarat Devotsingh can be suitable for Modi at number two.

He has been elected MP from Kheda for the third consecutive time due to his experience of working in the district organization. He has experience as a minister in the central government and he is a prominent face of the Kshatriya Rajput community as well as dominates the politics of Central Gujarat.

Jadgish Panchal or Devusingh can be at number two.

Babubhai Jabaliya

Babubhai Jabaliya is the national general secretary of the Kisan Morcha. Babubhai Jabaliya has an image of an accepted person in the Jampasu organization. He is with the Sangh. He is also a Kathi-Kshatriya face. His attitude of taking everyone along is also enough to push Babubhai Jabaliya ahead in this race.

Not South Gujarat

This time South Gujarat has not been able to find a place in the mathematics according to the region. As the Chief Minister is from Ahmedabad, the chances of a state president from Ahmedabad are less.

Saurashtra Kutch

There is no leader in BJP in Saurashtra and Kutch who can create an impact. Mansukh Mandaviya is there. But he does not have the ability to lead. Therefore, the influence of Saurashtra in BJP has reduced. Therefore, there is a possibility of making him the state president of Saurashtra. Among the influential leaders are Jitu Vaghani, RC Faldu, Parsottam Rupala and Vijay Rupani but they are not prominent. There is resentment among the people towards them.

Gordhan Zafia

In all this, if the party has to find a really strong leader, then it is Gordhan Zafia. Who is from Saurashtra and can save Saurashtra. Also, he lives in Ahmedabad. Favorite among old workers. So that the old workers and leaders can see that they have been sidelined. But when he had a rift with Modi and there was a split in BJP, he formed a new party. In such a situation, whether he should be given responsibility is a big question.

The question arises here that Zafia is not an MP or MLA. Modi’s first choice would be a Member of Parliament. Because he can run Gujarat from Delhi. Secondly, Jafia is not even an MLA.

A regional president is needed who can handle 60,000 workers and 108 leaders of other parties.

A regional president has to be brought who can handle the opposition workers and 90 percent of the workers who are angry with Patil will have to be brought. Jafia is being considered suitable for this.

The name of Gujarat BJP General Secretary and former Home Minister Rajni Patel is being discussed.

Local elections

Along with this, now the election of 5 thousand local governments is about to come. BJP is looking for such a leader who can make an impact.

Congress has performed well, so now the alliance of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party is being decided for the new state president. Elections of Gram Panchayat, District Panchayat, Taluka Panchayat, Municipal Corporations are coming. In which resentment will be seen. A regional president has to be brought in who can handle it well.

Jadagish Panchal
Jadagish Panchal seems to be the most likely. He is powerful enough to run an organization. Talking about Jagdish Vishwakarma, his plus point is his experience of working in an organization. He is working as Ahmedabad city president. He also has experience of working as a minister in the state government. If Jagdish Panchal gets the top responsibility as an OBC leader in the organization, then some other OBC leader can get a chance as a minister.

At present, Dalit, Thakor, Kshatriya community is in power in Gujarat.

The community is angry with the BJP.


There was a Kshatriya movement in the Lok Sabha elections. This is the anger of the community. The Kshatriya movement may have helped the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, but now there is no anger in the local elections.

The BJP can also consider appointing a Kshatriya as the new state president for this. Bhupendra Chudasama is a suitable role model for this. But due to poor health, he will not be able to become the regional president.

The NDA coalition government has once again been formed at the center. The Prime Minister is from the BJP. Many ministers have been expelled from Gujarat and new ministers have been appointed. Therefore, some changes will have to be made in the Gujarat government as well. Before the change in the government, the BJP organization will have to be strengthened. Because 90 percent of the people in the organization are angry with CR Patil. After or along with the state president, there will have to be reshuffle and cuts in the Gujarat cabinet as well.

The work of the government and the party has come to a standstill.’ Disappointment and awkwardness is visible. Officials in the government do not clash with each other. Therefore, the MLAs who change parties will have to be taken into the new government. Also, 5 or 6 senior ministers who follow orders will have to be included in the government. Because officers do not clash with each other.

70 percent of the government was running from Surat. All the big accounts are in Surat. Therefore, accounts will have to be taken from there and given to other regions. If a common woman can become an MP and a minister, then anyone can become the president of a new state. As Modi suddenly announced CR Patil, the next new state president can be announced.

New people have been recruited in the party and they have come to loot. Now it is difficult to run the organization. Congress will swallow it. However, only two people will know who can be the new regional president.