Patil’s three conspiracies against Modi

(Google translation from Gujarati)

The new cabinet will be formed on Sunday. This time there was a possibility of 5 ministers coming from Gujarat. This time Chandrakant Patil was to be made a minister. But BJP is retreating in India and Varanasi and now it may be cut off.

Patil made BJP’s line smaller to make his line bigger

BJP leaders have now come to know what Patil’s strategy was. Patil had included Amit Shah, Narendra Modi and Surat’s Mukesh Patel to get a slight lead. It has been exposed.

The big reason for contesting the election unopposed on the Surat seat has now come to the fore. It is known that Patil believed that Mukesh Patel could get a lead of 10 lakhs in Surat.

Patil’s ambitions are responsible for reducing BJP’s lead in Surat and Varanasi.

This time BJP can get the maximum lead from Surat. A lead of 10 lakhs was coming. If this had happened, Minister Mukesh Patel would have been most embarrassed in Gujarat. If the lead is more, then his chances of becoming a minister at the center will increase. But Patel did not get its approval. Therefore, Patel has tried to take over Jash by playing the trick of making Jash unopposed.

Surat was the safest seat with the highest lead in the whole of Gujarat. Here a lead of 10 lakhs was fixed. Patel made the winning seat unopposed.

Out of 22 lakh voters, 15 lakh voters were absent from voting. Now details have come to the fore that Patel has played many tricks by bringing the Congress candidate to the BJP.

Patel did this because he now wants to become a minister at the center. If Mukesh Patel of Surat gets a big lead after Amit Shah, then Patel’s becoming the Prime Minister can be questioned.

Therefore, he has shown the game of increasing his lead in Navsari.

Patel has the highest lead in Gujarat. Amit Shah had to win by a margin of 10 lakhs.

Indore won by a huge margin

BJP candidate Shankar Lalwani from Indore has won by 11 lakh 72 thousand votes.

Dhubri second seat
Congress candidate Rakibul Hussain got 10 lakh 12 thousand votes in Dhubri seat of Assam.

Vidisha third seat
Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan got 8 lakh 21 thousand votes in Vidisha seat of Madhya Pradesh.

Navsari seat fourth
The fourth biggest victory of 2024 is the defeat of BJP’s CR Patil by 7 lakh 73 thousand votes in Navsari seat of Gujarat.

Gandhinagar seat fifth
The fifth biggest victory has been achieved by BJP candidate Amit Shah from Gandhinagar seat by a margin of 7 lakh 44 thousand. If Mukesh Patel had been in the contest, he would have been at number two. And Patil would have been at number three.

To fulfill his ambition, he did not pay attention even in Naranasi. In Varanasi, Modi had to win by a very small margin because Patil did not pay attention. CR Patil himself could not give a good lead to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi.

When Modi got wind of Patil’s conspiracy, he immediately made Amit Shah his successor.

This is what Patil wanted to do. Because if Amit Shah stays in Varanasi for some time, Gandhinagar will become Shah’s seat. Therefore, Patil has got a lead more than Amit Shah. If this happens, he himself can claim to become a minister.

In such a situation, there is a discussion in BJP that Patil has won in Surat, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have won in Gandhinagar.

BJP has won Gandhinagar, Navsari, Panchmahal and Vadodara seats by a margin of more than five lakh votes.

Patil believes that he is the smartest in making election plans.

MLAs were ordered to take a lead of one lakh. So that a lead of 5 lakh can be obtained in 26 seats.

CR Patil himself could not give a respectable lead to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi.

Patil increased his lead in Navsari by defeating Adichotti
Patil himself tried his best to increase his lead in Navsari but did not pay attention to increasing Narendra Modi’s lead in Varsani, the result was that the Prime Minister won with a lead of just 1.5 lakhs. In short, it was difficult for Modi to trust Team Gujarat except Patil.

Patil was given the responsibility of campaigning and voting in Varanasi seat

As soon as the Lok Sabha elections were over in Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over the responsibility of campaigning and voting in Varanasi seat to BJP state president CR Patil. Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi, Minister Rishikesh Patel, Minister Jagdish Vishwakarman also left for Varsani with Patil.

But Patil did not do any work in Varanasi. Harsh Sanghvi, Rishikesh Patel and Jagdish Vishwakarma could not do anything.

Since Modi was afraid of defeat, he immediately sent Amit Shah to Varanasi. When Amit Shah took a gamble, Modi barely got a lead of 1.5 lakhs.

If there was a strong candidate against Modi, Modi would have lost the Varanasi election this time because of Patil. Even if Shyam Rangeela was allowed to be the candidate, Modi would have been called. But Amit Shah saved him.

Modi’s face has barely been saved.

In 2019, Modi got a lead of 4,79,505 votes.

Patil increased his lead to more than 7 lakh by campaigning extensively in Navsari, but Patil left Varanasi for Narendra Modi, who took charge of the campaign.

Congress President Ajayrai finished second with a lead of just one and a half lakh. Many opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav won with a lead of three to four lakh.

-Rahul Gandhi got 3 lakh votes in Rae Bareli

Modi got a lead of .90 lakhs. Actually, Modi should have worked to get a lead of 10 lakhs. Modi is barely ahead by more than 1 lakh.

Can Modi lose due to Patil’s move?

Patil, who had declared to make all the candidates win with a lead of 5 lakhs in Gujarat, has now come in the eyes of Modi.

According to ADR, BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal, who was declared unopposed from Surat seat, has declared assets worth more than Rs 17 crore.

The average assets of BJP candidates is Rs 15 crore while the average assets of Congress candidates is Rs 6 crore.

There are 20 MPs in Gujarat who have got more lead than Modi.

Among those who got more than 5 lakh lead

Amit Shah 7 lakh 44 thousand
CR Patil 7 lakh 73 thousand
Rajpal of Panchmahal 5 lakh

Who was in Varanasi?

Gujarat team took charge
When PM Modi was elected from Varanasi for the first time, Gujarat BJP President CR Patil stayed there for a long time. This time too, CR Patil is on duty at Varanasi seat. His team is considering micro management. Apart from this, Gujarat BJP in-charge and state general secretary (organization) Ratnakar has also become active. Apart from this, Gujarat Health Minister Hrishikesh Patel is also in Varanasi. BJP is trying to make a hat-trick of PM Modi from Varanasi with a big margin. It is possible that PM Modi can win with a lead of more than five lakhs in Varanasi this time. In Varanasi, BJP used Panna Pramukh and Page Committee under the leadership of CR Patil. The team led by CR Patil will remain active in Varanasi till polling evening. Youngsters have been assigned different responsibilities in Patil’s team. This includes work ranging from slip distribution to reporting and monitoring. A leader associated with election management in Varanasi told Navbharat Times Online that there are about five families on one page of the voter list. We contacted an average of three families.

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BJP ahead in micro management

BJP is far ahead of India Alliance in micro management. The work of calling voters above 80 years of age on Varanasi Lok Sabha seat by BJP has been completed. Not only this, the information of these voters has also been handed over to the BLO. BJP has done this experiment on its own to ensure that the participation of the elderly in voting does not decrease. Not only this, BJP has appointed Panna Adhyaksh and Panna Samiti Pramukhs in the entire parliamentary constituency. BJP has the details of all these Panna Adhyaksh and Panna Samiti Pramukhs. On the birthdays of all these, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s direct message reaches their mobile number and email. (Google translation from Gujarati)