The people of Gujarat are looking for a leader who fight against Saffron British

Dilip Patel

Gandhinagar, 5 March 2020

Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi will be coming to Dandi Yatra on March 12, 2020 to visit Gujarat at time the Rajya Sabha elections. The largest Dandi yatra is being organized by Congress. A decision on this has been taken at a meeting of the Congress leaders found in Delhi. Gandhi’s message of non-violence can be conveyed to the country against incidents of violence in the country. Congress will send a message of non-violence from Gandhiji’s birthplace. The Dandi Yatra will be held from March 12 to April 6. There is a program to revive Gandhi’s ideas. At his visit, Rajiv Satav may make some announcements about the two Rajya Sabha candidates.

Congress will lose a seat

In the 4 Rajya Sabha seats elections, Congress could get two seats. But the political situation has arisen because of the fact that Gujarat Congress president Amit Chawda, National Congress treasurer Ahmed Patel and Gujarat Congress in-charge Rajiv Sattav will get only one seat from 2 seats. Ahmed Patel and Rajiv are the ones who are most responsible for this.

BJP is losing 3 MLAs

Out of 182 MLAs, 76 MLAs can now vote for a Congress candidate. BJP has 103 and 106 with 3 others. Now BJP has 3 MLAs doing their cross voting. The BJP has been active in getting the Congress MLAs back by giving crores of rupees or giving a good post to the BJP or Government. The BJP has publicly called on Congress MLAs to adopt all policy rules. The settlements support them. One vote belongs to the NCP. Whatever does not get to Congress. So, Shankar Singh Waghala went to meet Chotubhai Vasava.

Why Rajeev responsible ?

Rajiv has never contacted legislator Chhotu Vasava in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections. He has two MLAs. But when the vote is needed, Congress runs near Chhotu Vaswa, but could not keep up good political relations with Vasava. He has not formed a good political relationship with Chotu Vasava since 2017. So Chotu Vasava is angry with them.

Ahmed Patel

Chotubhai voted to win Ahmed Patel for the Rajya Sabha. Ahmed Patel never helped settle down after the election was over. Apart from this, in the 2019 Lok Sabha, a small settlement was standing on Bharuch’s seat, but Ahmed Patel did not help him. Who could not forget to settle down. Babubhai is known for punching his back. So Vasava is offended.

Leader of Gujarat

Gujarat Legislative Opposition leader Paresh Dhanani and Congress state president Amit Chavda have also shown no political guise. They have failed to take the settlement with them.

Now what

Now that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are approaching, they are likely to discuss who is responsible for losing a seat. Because the two leaders will discuss with Rajiv Satavi on who to nominate the two candidates. The only two names Rajiv will say will be announced.

If the name of Shaktisinh Gohil is suggested, it will not be acceptable to the Congress or the people of Gujarat. The people of Gujarat want a leader who can fight on the ground between them. Only if the Congress does this, can one gain power in Gujarat. For the past 35 years, the Congress has been out of power because of Ahmed Patel and Madhav Singh Solanki. Not a single Patidar sent by Gujarat Congress in last 35 years in Rajyasabha, now it is right time.

Instead of sending the Congress leaders to the Rajya Sabha, the candidates who will be fierce against the government will be decided by staying with the people in Gujarat. Finally, sent Yagnik and Ahemad Patel to Rajya Sabha but they showed no talent. They, have failed to express the suffering of the people of Gujarat. Not a single Congress leader is fighting against the government anymore. They lose against with the pink notes.