2 lakhs poor in 700 slums behind Trump’s wall of poverty, in Ahmedabad

• Preparing for a visit to Trump to adjust the route

Ahmedabad, 14 February 2020

A 7-foot-high wall is being built on the route of Trump in Ahmedabad, where US President Gujarat does not see poverty. The BJP could not eliminate poverty but it is building a wall so that poverty does not appear.

The Sarnia people have been living in poverty here for over 50 years, working to cut the knife edge of the Saniya Chappu in Indirabridge near the Ahmedabad Airport. They live in raw huts in the dirt. If all this is seen by the president of the United States, then India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is known for his passion, looks bad. So during the counting hours the huts have been raised seven feet high and long walls.

America’s President Donald Trump arrives to open Motorway Stadium in Ahmedabad on February 24, 2020. All efforts are being made to make the city of Ahmedabad look very beautiful, clean and playful to Trump. The dash and pomp of the authorities are visible.

The slopes near the Sarnia Vaas, which have taken the airport from Indirabridge, have been erected seven hours high and long wall counting hours on US Route for the purpose of not being noticed by US President Donald Trump. The feeling had spread. He had strongly protested against such attitude of the authorities.

The slums are shameful to BJP Mayor Bijal Patel.

Shining and luminous lighting is underway to show US President Donald Trump and his wife the twinkling of the Ahmedabad Motorway Stadium and Gandhi Ashram route.

Flower plants and essential decorations are being done all over the route. So, the corporation is also undertaking the stage work for the road show from the Airport Circle to Gandhian Ashram. Huge hoardings are being installed at the airport, Gandhi Ashram and stadium routes welcoming Modi and Trump.

The entire visit and meeting of the Prime Minister together with the Rs. 50 crore road and other expenses of Rs.100 crore will be spent in Ahmedabad behind Trump. In such rupees, all the slums in Ahmedabad would have been replaced by pucca houses.

700 slum bar, 2 lakh poor

In Ahmedabad, 2 lakh people are forced to live in 691 slums. Twenty percent of the area in the city has not yet reached the water network, this is the slum. Ahmedabad Metropolitan City will provide 25% of the total living area of ​​the people living in raw houses and 15 lakhs, ie 1.5 lakh people in 6 years.

The city has 1.65 lakh raw houses. Of which 1.2 million people live. Millions of rupees of projects are sanctioned in various areas of Ahmedabad city under SmartCity project, but 20 per cent area of ​​the city cannot provide ampa water. 65% of the city has no rainwater harvesting system.

The city will be developed as Zero Slam City

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is to declare Ahmedabad a slum-free city from 2019-20 to 2025. A policy of constructing new multi-storeyed houses in lieu of old antique buildings like Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Private, Government of Gujarat land, slums and slum quarters will be formulated. Builders will benefit from FSI in this place.

About 25 to 30 per cent of the population of Ahmedabad city lives in the walks, slums or slums. So all these residents have been decided to allocate housing in the scheme including new houses, housing schemes, affordable housing scheme. Of which, 10,000 houses of 35 slums have been built.